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    The world of Milestone crashes with DC Comics. The worlds are colliding and everyone is confused. To everyone in the Milestone universe superheros like Superman are just comic book characters. Now they are faced with the real thing. Some DC Characters are trapped in the Milestone Universe and vise-verse. Rift is the key as he is in more than just the one universe all by himself.


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    How True. This is another of a long line of DC Multiverses.  The Milestone universe is combined with the DC Universe just like so many before it.  For example the Charlton Universe and the Red Circle Universe.  This is always a mess and especially so in the DC Universe because of the amount of universes it has absorbed.  This is no different and it is no small wonder that there has been almost nothing done with most of the characters from the Milestone Universe.  Now for the issue at hand. ...

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    Man DC sucks ass I wish the comic companies dodnt sell out And leave their awesome creations with DC. DC is like that dead beat step dad that leaves your kids in the house and go to a bar or the idoit that just yells all day and dont feed the kids thats DC. There are a shit tone of comics character from Milestones that deserve better Static-Virgil Hawkins Icon & Rocket Hardware Blood Syndicate Holocaust would be awesome Xombi Man Milestones had some awesome fucking characters...

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