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    From the pages of 52, the fate of Black Adam against the world.

    World War III focused on Black Adam's rage over the savage death of his family and the after effects of his attack on Bialya, the nations he held responsible. It opened with an attempt by J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter to stop Black Adam in the ruins of Bialya. J'onzz, traumatized after the villain allowed him to telepathically see every man, woman, and child killed during his attack, fled into space to deal with the disturbing images and Black Adam continued his rampage.

    By the main part of the story, set during week 50 of 52, Black Adam was tearing an even bloodier path across the world. He savagely ripped the face off father Time, hurled an aircraft carrier at New York City (which was saved from devastation by Firestorm, who turned the carrier to snow), destroyed the leaning Tower of Pisa, and killed Terra while fighting the Titans. When Black Adam's rampage reached China, the country's main super hero team - the Great Ten - proved helpless against him.

    The Chinese government eventually allowed the waiting Justice Society in to confront Black Adam, joined by a host of other heroes, a massive final battle took place. A returned J'onn J'onzz mentally wounded Black Adam by showing the villain images of the pain he himself had faced due to the loss of his entire civilization, as well as by the pain suffered by his victims. In a final confrontation with Captain Marvel, Black Adam's powers were stripped from him and he disappeared. Black Adam's alter ego, Theo Adam, was glimpsed in 52 week 50, as he began his quest to regain his lost powers - a story line that was explored further in Black Adam's own series in October.

    Note: Indicias indicate this title as: 52/WW III - Parts 1-4


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