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The horrors of war become grim reality for the Teen Titans, as they suffer the loss of one of their own.

Week 50, Day 5

Martian Manhunter returns to Earth in the form of a little girl again. He arrives in Pisa, Italy. He senses the thoughts of all around. Everyone dealing with the trauma of the attack. Survivors searching for friends and family in the wreckage. The Doom Patrol trying to pick up their own pieces. The panic and the fear brings out their despair until the Justice Society of America arrives.

The JSA does its best to help remove the wreckage and search out survivors. Some people fear them because Black Adam was part of their team before. Others still cling on to hope and defend their character. One man asks what will they do if Black Adam returns. This question causes Martian Manhunter to reach out and search for him again.

In Greece, Black Adam is fighting against the Teen Titans. Beast Boy has gathered a new team of young heroes. The battle doesn't appear to be going to well for them. Zatara is knocked out and Frankenstein gets his arms ripped off. Black Adam leaves. He says he does not enjoy the deaths of children. If they cross his path again, perhaps he will change his mind.

Beast Boy orders the remaining Titans to follow Black Adam. Raven is concerned about leaving Zatara and Frankenstein behind. Being an empath, she can feel the pain he is in. J'onn arrives in the guise of a medical worker. He sees Frankenstein lying on the ground. He is surprised that he is still conscious after losing so much blood. As his life slips away, J'onn enters his mind, trying to soothe his mind and take away all the fear and pain. He notes that it doesn't matter if you're human or martian, in the end, everyone dies alone.

In Detroit, Amanda Waller visits Ben Turner. She tells him that Rick Flag is still alive and that she wants to put "the band" back together (perhaps the Suicide Squad) and needs him to lead them. Ben laughs at the thought that she is trying to create a secret agency within a secret agency.

Week 50, Day 6, The Himalayas

The Titans have found Black Adam and continue the fight. Black Adam tells them that he tried to warn them and he will not be responsible for their deaths. Raven pulls him so that her soul self can release the anger and grief inside him. He tears his way out. Terra throws two huge boulders at Adam. Black Adam easily smashes through them. He says she is a "kitten playing at war with a lion." Black Adam then punches through Terra's chest. Raven convinces Beast Boy to let Adam leave so that they can take care of their own. Hawk and Dove can still be saved and they can still bury Terra.

Martian Manhunter comes in on the end of a conversation between Director Bones and Kate Spencer (whom he's figured out is Manhunter). He figures this deal will not be good and makes note to pursue it later.

After witnessing lies and theft on Kate's part, J'onn returns to the precinct in Denver where he began his lie. He finds his old partner, Peter Santorelli, and reveals his true identity. He induces laughter in him to lessen the shock of this discovery. Peter asks why he's telling him about his secret and J'onn says so that he will never do it again.

J'onn next goes to the Terrel Building where he worked as a private investigator after leaving the police force. It's been empty for decades and is set to be demolished. He worked there with another partner, Diane Meade. He says that he failed her and she died because of him. All he sees is lies and he lashes out. The building is destroyed. He says now it is the time for an ending.


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