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    You've seen what happens when you hulk out a herobut what does Doc Samsons deadly Cathexis ray do to a stone-cold killer? Or TWO?! In the aftermath of World War Hulk, Wolverine and Bucky Barnes, aka the NEW Captain America, are off the chain and out of control. Its claws against a soldiers instinct in a battle destined to prove which of these two World War 2 vets is REALLY the best there is at what they do!

    There is a bonus story.


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    Review: World War Hulks Captain America vs Wolverine #1 0

    Gamma powered heroes fight each other. That's about all you can say about this story.  The Good... Not reallyThere was only one thing I liked about this whole entire issue. (Spoiler Alert, but who really cares anyway) Logan and Squee (Who the heck is Squee? I'm missing something here...) are following a woman who steps into a high class restaurant. Squee is dressed the part to get in, but Logan is not, so both characters go into a tuxedo shop, cleverly located across the street, threaten th...

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    ...And don't forget the kitchen sink 0

    This comic puts too many Hulked-Out Heroes in this book that they needed more pages or other "VS" to just explain the first half.  I had the feeling that this (and the Spiderman vs Thor) would be just about the battle between the main two "Hulked-out" combatants.  The first part of it is with the main two fighting it out; along with the reason they have this angry between each other.  In the second story, you have Ms. Mavel, Human Torch, Monica Rambeau, War Machine, The Thing," Grumpy, Sleepy, D...

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