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Front Line the best tie in again.

The Front Line series was great during Civil War, it managed to explore all sorts of angles that the main series just didn't have the space for. When it came to World War Hulk however, I didn't think it was going to be a necessary title. The story behind this cross over doesn't have all the secrets and conspiracies that Civil War was filled with. It's a pretty simple story... Hulk's mad and he wants the people responsible to pay. I thought maybe Paul Jenkins would invent a few conspiracies to make this title work, but instead the only mystery doesn't actually involve the event itself. The story instead concentrates on the normal people in NYC and how this is effecting them. It's as much about Sally Floyd and Ben Urich as about the Hulk himself.

This issue's Embedded story line really delves into how far a reporter will go in a war zone to get a story. Floyd herself doesn't seem to be able to come up with a reason as to why she is doing this. We're also shown some civilians that just couldn't get out of the city and are now caught in the crossfire. Surprisingly enough this is something that isn't really shown in World War Hulk. The only civilians we usually see are the fanatics that stayed in the city to support the Hulk and his Warbound. Even when most people didn't think Front Line was necessary, Jenkins is still able to find angles that aren't explored in the main series.

In Costume Division we get an odd take on the buddy cop story as Detective Granville teams up with Krog to solve a murder. This is actually something that I might read on a monthly basis... yes I know it's kinda like Powers by BMB, but this is based in the Marvel Universe. The character of Danny Granville is surprisingly likable, flawed and entertaining after only a few issues. The two page War is Heck comedic story isn't even worth mentioning.

Without a doubt Front Line is the best of all the World War Hulk tie ins. Jenkins has a knack for writing supporting characters in stories like this.

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