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The puny human "heroes" of Earth, including Reed Richards, Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt, called the Hulk a monster and shot him into space. Now the Hulk has returned with a rage that knows no bounds—and he has a posse! Can the mightiest powerhouses of the Avengers stop the Hulk and his cadre of super-powered Warbound gladiators as they carve their path of mayhem through the concrete canyons of Manhattan? Can battling Ben Grimm and the rest of the Fantastic Four save Reed Richards from the Hulk's wrath? And what hope can She-Hulk have of calming her great green cousin's terrible rage?


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The Craziness Continues... 0

I honestly think this is one of the most satisfying cross over events in recent memory. Maybe I was just tired of all the overly complicated stories that have been told lately and was ready for an old fashioned slug fest between the heroes with little plot. If all 5 issues are nothing more then a huge fight, then maybe it'll get old before the last issue finds it's way in my hands, but so far I'm enjoying the ride.Sure there isn't much plot in this issue, but we get to see some of Marvel's bigge...

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Green giant gone ape crazy... again 0

(Spoilers Abound)So after smashing the blot out of Black Bolt's head and putting a well deserved fist into Iron Man's face, we are treated to yet another segment of the Hulk kicking tail and taking names. This time, the writers have upped the anti for vengeance as the Hulk takes on just about every Super Human known to man. Face smashing, buildings crashes, and pure rage all ensue.Some of the highlights of the comic are when the Hulk takes his cousin, She-Hulk, and slams her straight through the...

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