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    Hulk at his best!!!

    The Good

    I love how they really made Hulk have more emotions, and fleshed him out more, instead of him being a mindless beast who randomly decides to wreck havoc among his teammates. Hulk is out for revenge, and nobody is stopping him, as shown in his epic battle with Black Bolt (in which he won). You see a more emotional side to Hulk in this comic, and you see how he is fleshed out as an actual character, not as a plot device used to bring other heroes together to stop one powerful menace. When you saw him smacking around Iron Man in his Hulk-Buster suit, you know your inner geek was unleashed! You also saw both sides of the crowd, the crazy hippies rooting for Hulk, and the citizens cheering for Iron Man as Tony makes his "I must protect everybody" speech. The art is fantastic, and I like this story a lot.

    The Bad

    The art can lack details at times, but its only the side characters and background. Nothing to get fussed about or nitpick at, just a small observation I noticed.

    The Verdict

    Great comic book issue, and the entire story is great. I highly recommend it! This is truly Hulk at his best!

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