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Proper Japanese Title: 三雲 修④ (Mikumo Osamu 4)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 107: Osamu Mikumo 12 (三雲修⑫ Mikumo Osamu 12)
  • Chapter 108: Yuzuru Ema (絵馬 ユズル Ema Yuzuru)
  • Chapter 109: Masato Kageura (影浦 雅人 Kageura Masato)
  • Chapter 110: Haruaki Azuma (東 春秋 Azuma Haruaki)
  • Chapter 111: Yūichi Jin 8 (迅 悠一⑧ Jin Yūichi 8)
  • Chapter 112: Haruaki Azuma 2 (東 春秋② Azuma Haruaki 2)
  • Chapter 113: Kageura Unit (影浦隊 Kageura-tai)
  • Chapter 114: Masataka Ninomiya 2 (二宮 匡貴② Ninomiya Masataka 2)
  • Chapter 115: Osamu Mikumo 13 (三雲 修⑬ Mikumo Osamu 13)

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