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A group of Orcs lead by Rehgar were traveling through Durotar (which is the Orc homeland on the Eastern coast of Kalimdor) to get to Orgrimmar. On their way, they discover a human battling a crocolisk for his life. Two of the Orcs decide to bet on who would win, eventually Rehgar would come to find out what they were doing. He quickly becomes interested how the human was able to hold his own against the crocolisk. Eventually Rehgar would kill the crocolisk himself then knock the human unconscious. The human (who the others decided to just call "Croc-Bait" because he fought a croc), who still has amnesia, woke up later that night to discover he was caged up with a Night Elf druid (Broll Bearmantle) and a Blood Elf girl (Valeera Sanguinar). They tell him that he is now on their Gladiator team. Valeera and Broll get into an argument due to the Night Elves and Blood Elves hatred against each other. Rehgar later comes in to tell them that in three weeks, they will battle against others in a championship match, and it's win or die. Later, they begin training for the battle, but the human does not want to fight. Eventually they are interrupted by the Goblin Sparkeye's team, consisting of a Troll, a Tauren, and an Undead. The Goblin team justs checks out their competition for now. Later that night, Broll tries to help the human recover from his amnesia. But he stops as he gets into another argument with Valeera about the Blood Elves betrayal to the Night Elves. The next morning, the Goblin team decides to fight Rehgar's team. The human decides to step in to save Valeera. The human would slice off the Troll's arm and stabs the Tauren down. The team is then confronted by a powerful Orc, ready to battle them.



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Introduction- I´m not a fan of games. I´ve never played World of Warcraft before. The first time I´d heard about it, I was playing RPG with some friends and one of them was concentrated in front of a cpu and as I aproached the monitor, he showed me this universe of RPG characters: orcs, elves, trolls etc. It was cool seeing the game but, since I´m not a videogame fan, I didn´t put much thought in it. This was in 2000. Ten yeas has passed and World of Warcraft has become one of the greatest games...

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