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Boy genius Dilton puts his imagination to the video gaming test as he tries out his new interactive video games with the gang as his guinea pigs. Dilton is brainy but will his smarts translate into a gamer goldmine? Then, Reggie could care less about flowers but if it means going on a date with Veronica to the flower show, he'll turn gardener overnight! Or at the very least steal some of Mr. Lodge's prize winning roses and let Archie take the fall, letting the petals fall where they may!

In "Vidiot's Delight", Dilton creates specified 3-d video games. Unfortunately, due to problems of too much exercise, the people don't approve the games. In "The Big Brawl", Archie and Reggie fight without actual pain due to Dilton's brand new invention. In "Flower Power", After Archie and Reggie view Veronica's garden, Archie accidently left his phone behind which gives Reggie an idea to come at night to cut the roses and place Archie's phone in the bushes. Afterwards, Reggie gets poison ivy.

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