World Explorers Society

    Team » World Explorers Society appears in 7 issues.

    In the Gold Digger Universe this is an organization that all exploring extra-ordinary beings belong to - Gina Diggers is the Current Chairperson.

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    Imagine A comic convention where all the fans in costume were real.  That's the World Explorers Society in the Gold Digger Universe.  The members are stereotypes of some of the most loved characters in movies and video games, From Monsters to monster fighters, Magic Users to Star Trek level technology - From Sherlock Holmes to Indiana Jones and from Kwai Chang Caine   to  Son Goku.   

    It's Membership includes Djinni, Golems, Ghosts, Dragons, Were, Super Genius, Professional fighters, Fighter Jocks, Aura Mages, Sword-wielders.  If it's in popular fiction then somebody in this society is representing.   

    Every year they get a pass from local Law Enforcement to trash and completely destroy their meeting hall in the annual after banquet brawl because more than half the World Explorers Societies members have saved the world more than once.  The annual Banquets main purpose is to gather the members to compare notes, give warnings and recognize their own.

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