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    "Lend a hand — care for the land!”

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    While Smokey Bear thinks he is the protector of the forest, there is an older and secret order who consider the woods their own; they are the council of Woodsy Owl!

    No, wait, that’s silly, Smoky was around over 20 years before Woodsy.

    Woodsy Owl is the mascot for the United States Forest Service, while not the first one, that being Woody, a vaguely humanoid log with arms, legs, eyes, mouth and a cut off tree branch serving as a nose who first appeared in the mid 40s.

    Woodsy came about in 1970 from a contest in which children were asked what someone like Woodsy would look like, he then started appearing in USFS handouts, television commercials, at events with people dressed in Woodsy Owl costumes, and a comic book series published by Western / Goldkey.

    Originally appearing as a short round owl shaped figure whose motto was "Give a hoot — don't pollute!” in 1997 he was “updated” to appear slimmer and more human like, while his motto changed to "Lend a hand — care for the land!”


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