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    Woodstock is friends with snoopy and appears in the comic strip peanuts.

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    While Snoopy has been seen fraternizing with birds before, there was only one that managed to win the spot as his closest non-human friend. When a nest was built on Snoopy’s stomach, Woodstock was one of the chicks that hatched from the eggs that were laid there. At first, Snoopy wanted nothing to do with the little birds, and did his best to teach them how to fly so that they would leave him alone. Since he had no wings, his attempt to teach these birds how to fly doesn’t go so well. As a matter of fact, Woodstock never got the hang of flying straight thanks to Snoopy. So bad was his flying that he didn’t go very far from Snoopy at all.

    After years of periodic visits to the beagle, the little bird finally revealed his name as Woodstock. After that, the two became inseparable friends and partners in travel, business, mischief, and even in their wild fantasies that they experience.


    Woodstock was created to streamline certain parts of the ‘Peanuts’ comics. For a long time, one of the strip’s more prominent gags was how Snoopy was a failure as a hunting dog and would become friends with the game he was supposed to hunt. As such, he was friends with several of the birds that would fly through the neighborhood. Woodstock was created in order to take all of the strange quirks and oddments about the various birds and put them all into a single character.

    His name was given to him when the Woodstock Music Festival became so prominent in headline news. Schulz simply liked the sound of the name and decided that it would suit the little bird.

    Character Evolution


    He’s little, but he’s big in other ways. Woodstock is one tough little bird, being able to stand up to challenges that other birds would run away from, such as carrying a Thanksgiving turkey, or taking on the neighbor’s vicious cat in combat. He is fiercely independent and almost never asks for help with taking on these challenges, and becomes irritated when he is given unwanted help or if he is made to do something that he doesn’t wish to do. But there are times when he will swallow his pride and take whatever help he can get.

    For all of his bluster, Woodstock is still a young bird at his heart. He has trouble with finding out which way is south, and needs help to get there. He is also prone to fits of frustration when things don’t go his way, and will need to be calmed down by his friends.


    Woodstock is a tiny bird of an indeterminate species with yellow feathers, a yellow beak, and little yellow feet. His beak is quite rounded, and the feather on the back of his head are made up of broken black lines.

    Major Story Arcs

    Woodstock is Born

    From the moment that he hatched from his egg, Woodstock was enthralled with the presence of the beagle whose stomach his nest was built upon. Unfortunately, Snoopy wasn’t so thrilled about the new charges that he was left with. Knowing that he must learn how someday, the little bird takes flying lessons from Snoopy, but things don’t work out so well. Snoopy’s lessons don’t prepare him for just how demanding flying is, and he ends up with a clumsy flight pattern that stays with him the rest of his life. But even though his nestmate leaves, the little bird can’t help but stay with Snoopy.

    Gone South

    As his very first winter approaches, Woodstock begins to think that he must fly south in order to keep ahead of the cold weather. But there are two major obstacles in his way. First, he is a very poor flier. The second is that he doesn’t have the first clue which way south is. So he asks Snoopy for his help to get there. For a bird and a beagle who are not very good at being a bird and a beagle, the journey may not end up being worth the trouble.

    A Stranger in the Nest

    One morning, Woodstock wakes up and finds that his nest has been intruded by a strange creature. After he narrowly escapes from the beast, Woodstock is unwilling to go back to his nest alone, and beseeches the help of both Linus and Snoopy in order to help him oust the unwanted guest.

    The way won’t be easy. Woodstock’s tree proves to be a maze of branches that anyone who isn’t a bird could get lost in. But if they ever get out of the branches, nothing can prepare them for what is waiting for them in Woodstock’s nest.

    Skills & Abilities


    Since he’s a bird, Woodstock is naturally able to fly. But he’s not very good at it, since he learned how to fly from a beagle.


    Woodstock speaks in bird chatter which is written in unintelligible scratches that resemble chicken scratch. Occasionally, his speech bubbles will feature other things, such a question mark when he is confused, an exclamation mark when he's surprised, or a 'Z' when he is sleeping. No matter how his speech is presented, it is only ever understood by Snoopy.


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