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Wong was brought to the Ancient One when he was only 4 years old by his father, Hamir the Hermit. While there he became a martial arts master, but doesn't get a chance to practice much as a manservant. Upon reaching adulthood, Wong was sent to America to serve Dr. Strange. While there, Strange has become the new Sorcerer Supreme.


Wong was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (1963).

Major Story Arcs


Later Wong was captured by an other-dimensional sorcerer called the Shadowqueen. Dr. Strange rescued Wong, who helped him defeat her.


Wong and Doctor Strange
Wong and Doctor Strange

Wong and Topaz were then captured by Urthona, in an effort to obtain certain mystic talismans and texts. While there Wong was tortured and disfigured by the fiend. To rescue them, Strange attempted to destroy the artifacts but instead sent the to Agamotto. With the artifacts no longer on Earth, an ancient spell was lifted that protected Earth from various, powerful entities.

Strange then cast a spell to make everyone think he was dead, leaving Wong in charge of his estate. During this period Strange defeated many of the creatures freed by the missing artifacts, like Shuma-Gorath. After Strange defeated Shuma-Gorath, he reversed the spell. Wong was overjoyed to see his master was still alive. Soon the rest of the world learned Strange was still alive.

Bride of Wong

When Imei Chang, Wong's intended bride, was turned into a horrible demonic creature, Wong asked Strange for help. Unfortunately Strange was tied up with other, more pressing matters. This resulted in a small falling out between Wong and Strange. When Strange eventually had the time to aid his long time ally, he found that Imei was dead and that this was just a creature imitating her.

Powers and Abilities

Wong has no superhuman powers, he has great knowledge about the magical and supernatural world. He is also very adept in martial arts having trained Dr. Strange in them. Even Strange himself said 'In some areas he's my servant, in others, my master'. Meaning that Wong trained him.

In Other Media


Dr. Strange

Clyde Kusatsu (left) as Wong
Clyde Kusatsu (left) as Wong

Wong was featured in the ill-fated TV pilot, portrayed by Clyde Kusatsu.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Wong in the Spider-Man cartoon
Wong in the Spider-Man cartoon

Wong appeared in several episodes, voiced by Star Trek star George Takei.


Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

Wong in the animated film
Wong in the animated film

Wong appears in the film, voiced by Paul Nakauchi. In the movie, Wong is part of a group of magical defenders who seek to defend the world from demonic forces. After Stephen Strange is badly injured in a car accident, Wong is the one who convinces him to head to Tibet to heal his hands.

After Mordo nearly kills Strange, Wong takes over his job of training Strange in the mystic arts. He later helps Strange battle Dormammu's demons, and becomes his partner after Strange is made the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Benedict Wong as Wong
Benedict Wong as Wong
  • Wong appears in the live-action 2016 Doctor Strange movie, portrayed by British actor Benedict Wong. He was heavily reimagined for the film, as the director did not want to be seen as presenting outdated racial stereotypes. He is depicted as a very serious man, with his deadpan reactions providing much of the film's humor. He is also shown to be a closet Beyonce fan. In the movie, rather than being Doctor Strange's butler, Wong is instead a magic instructor and librarian at Kamar-Taj, and assists in Strange's training. He is killed by Kaecillius and his followers during the climax of the movie, but is revived when Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto (revealed to be the Time Stone) to save him.
  • Benedict Wong reprises his role in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, where he helps fights alongside the Avengers and Earth's other heroes against the forces of Thanos.

Video Games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Wong appears an NPC, voiced by Michael Hagiwara.


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