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Wong-Chu was a commander for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.  After a reckless American contingent sets off a booby trap in the jungles of Vietnam, one of Wong-Chu's Cong patrols finds a survivor named Anthony Stark.  Wong-Chu reviews the unconcious civilian's papers and finds out that Stark is a famous weapons inventor.  Wong Chu's assistant Hsaio informs him that the shrapnel in Stark's heart should kill him within the week.  Wong-Chu tries to capitalize on this by telling Stark that he is dying and if he creates a powerful new weapon for him, his surgeons will save him.  Wong-Chu then supplies whatever tools and scrap iron that Stark requires, and eventually lends the American the assistance of his man servant named Yinsen.  Moments away from their completion of the Iron Man Armor, the warning device that the two installed lets the inventors know that Wong-Chu is approaching.  Wong-Chu kills the renouned Vietnamese physicist, but he does not find Stark hiding on the ceiling in his newly activated armor.  Wong-Chu then instructs Hsaio to kill Stark as he sets off for his favorite sport -- wrestling the local peasants one at a time for the survival of their entire village as the prize.  After defeating another villager, Wong-Chu issues out an open challenge.  To his dismay, Iron Man accepts and effortlessly twirls the communist to the side.  In a futile attempt to call for backup over the loudspeaker in a nearby observation tower, Wong-Chu tries to escape defeat by the Ironclad Avenger.  Wong-Chu perishes in an ammo dump explosion caused by Iron Man.

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