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The Flame's Ship
The Flame's Ship

This is the continuation of the comic series Wonder Comics that was changed into Wonderworld Comics starting with this issue. It is a 64 page comics with many features that are listed below.

  1. Winged Wonders. Winged Wonders is a one page print up of different kinds of planes.
  2. The Flame. The Flame is the first real superhero story since the first issue with Wonder Man. This is also the Flames first appearance. The Flame would feature prominently in this comic form this point on and be on nearly every cover. We also get to see the Flame has his own ship. It is however never named. In this seven page adventure the Flame goes up against Black Flagg.
  3. Wonder Adventures. This is a very short write up about Sasha Siemel. He is a real life German Adventurer and hunter.
  4. Success Stories. Success Stories is a one page feature about Felix Carvajal Havana postman who miraculously ran in the Olympics and came in fourth without any professional training.
    Ham & Patty
    Ham & Patty
  5. Yarko the Great. Yarko is in London in this eight page adventure. He then fights Death and the Devil. Later he even walks on water to apprehend two of London's most wanted criminal's.
  6. Shorty Shortcake. Shorty brings the border patrol to rescue his friends in this six page comic strip.
  7. Patty O'Day. Patty actually solves a crime with the help of her partner Ham. In the five page adventure Patty and Ham go to film a famous wedding in the process catch a crook.
  8. Wonders that are True. The Wonders that are true is a one page column of various tales that are suppose to be true.
    Dr. Fung Finds A Clue
    Dr. Fung Finds A Clue
  9. Dr. Fung. Dr. Fung investigates the death of his friend Ezra Parker. The case revolves around a bracelet Ezra gave his niece. In this six page story Dr. Fung is pitted against man and beast in a line of murders
  10. The Children's Crusade. The Children's Crusade is a print story about a young boy who led a crusade of children only to have them captured and turned into salves. This two page story continues from the 2nd issue in Wonder Comics. The boy escapes and goes home but his guilt brings him back to rescue the other children.
  11. Tex Maxon. Tex Maxon; Rounding up the Counterfeiters. Just as the title says Tex rounds up some counterfeiters after being framed by one. The story is five pages and shows Tex as a cattle hand instead of a railroad worker.
  12. Men Who Made The West. Only one page in this issue Bat Masterson in the featured person.
  13. The Dashing Tex Maxon
    The Dashing Tex Maxon
    Don Quixote. Don Quixote is a two page tale of Don Quixote in New York City. In this comic strip Don and Sancho Panza go to the New York City World's Fair. There he mistakes a dance as an attack and a Ferris Wheel as a monster.
  14. K-51. K51 is joined again with agent Z-19 in Hong Kong. There they are following leads after the Jack Coe case. They also discover the plans Lin Sun has to rule the world and are discovered by her to be the spies they are. The two battle it out and make a miraculous escape while saving the day. Unfortunately, for Sun she wasn't so lucky and died from her woulds in an operating room.
  15. Mob Buster Robinson. This is the first tale where Gang-Buster Robinson becomes Mob Buster Robinson. Robinson teams up with James Ling to bring down a mob in China Town in this five page crime drama.
  16. Wonderworld Stamp Club. The Wonderland Stamp Club Is a one page feature for Stamp Collectors.
  17. Movie Memos. Movie Memos is a one page feature. It has several anecdotes about different celebrities of the 1930's.
  18. Spark Stevens. Spark and Chuck Lawton find a group of pirates in the south seas. Things are bad get even worse when they discover one of them have typhoid. Now the two have to work together and stop their fighting long enough to save thier lives and the lives of the natives.
  19. Belly Busters. Belly Busters is six separate one panel comics. All out together on one page.

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