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    The magical world from Alice in Wonderland.

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    The world contains many strange and creative characters from Lewis Carroll's imagination. It has been a beloved story for children for many generations. In most cases access to Wonderland is "down a rabbit hole" or via a mirror to Wonderland.

    Other Versions

    Grimm Fairy Tales

    The Grimm Fairy Tales version focuses primarily around the Liddle family - Alice, Calie, Johnny and Violet. For a long time the family routinely had its members sacrificed to Wonderland to keep Charles Dodgson eternally youthful (he sacrificed many others as well outside of the family.) Wonderland is meant as a peaceful and happy place, but it is corrupted by the Jabberwocky and thus made into a place that caused nightmares and insanity. Calie Liddle is the first who is capable of traveling there and conquering the threats there (which means also confronting her own mental instability.) Despite her defeat of the forces there, the entities in Wonderland continue to seek power from Earth. Recently the Queen of Spades has been seeking power there, and has drawn in Julie Sands and Salome Gray. Except for a specific blade which can bring permanent death to characters in Wonderland, there is no such thing as death there as numerous characters have been killed and later regenerated.

    Marvel's Excalibur

    In Excalibur series, the Crazy Gang happens to come in touch with the Technet, and thus 'kidnap' Joyboy, alien with the power to realize someone's dreams in an extremely version. Therefore, when Technet's Joyboy meets Crazy Gang's Red Queen, the typical nightmares of the Queen by the powers of the alien become a wonderful and happily enjoyable place where to live.

    This kind of real-life amusement land, completely inspired to Alice in Wonderland, was created in England, close to a little town where the Crazy Gang was hiding, and where the villagers were taking care of them. Therefore, the Crazy Gang members invited all the people from the village to enjoy the opportunities of the amusing park.

    Excalibur once discovered it and cleared the truth behind it, became friend of the peaceful Crazy Gang, and in time offered to several mutants the opportunity to hide and live hidden in this Crazy Gang's Wonderland.


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