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WonderCon started in 1987 in Oakland, CA. The show moved to San Francisco in 2003 at the Moscone Center. In 2011 the convention center was under construction and the show moved to the Anaheim Convention Center. Dates for 2013 were unavailable for 2013. It's said the hope is to return the show to the Bay Area.

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There was a big turn out this year making it feel like Anaheim was always the home of the show. From the spread out layout of the show to the fountain outside the convention center, where cosplayers and comic fans gathered, it appeared everyone had a good time at the show.

Strangely, Marvel did not have a presence there despite the fact that other publishers such as DC Entertainment, Valiant, IDW, Archaia, Dark Horse and others had booths at the show.

In terms of our coverage, the video page for WonderCon contains 17 videos. There is a walk-through, along with our cosplay/farewell to WonderCon video giving viewers a taste of the show. Interviews include Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, voice actors for Teen Titans Go! and Superman Unbound and, of course, another Mystery Art Challenge. Videos for 'Off THEIR Minds' will be added. These consists of comic book creators being asked the same questions. Their responses are compiled into one video per question.

Of course you can also find plenty of cosplay pictures in the WonderCon 2013 Gallery.


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