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Not that good

When I knew there was a film of Wonder Woman I was full of joy, but I felt disappointed when I saw this. I thought the draws were going to be better, with more deatil and better color, the animation is fine not as good as other movies. The plot is weak the Amazons are shown as slaves at the beginning, queen Hyppolita is a brave warrior which is something good, because we always saw her as somebody "sweet". Wonder Woman is shown here as a very aggressive woman sometimes with no feelings, the design of her face is ugly, they should have made a pretty woman. Ares is in a cell in Themyscira something I don't find any sense, he's a God and should be in a place where the gods can watch him. The Amazons are Greek and some buildings in Themyscira are pyramids of Mexican style, that's a big mistake, there are many centuries of difference between both civilizations. And I see they have books when they didn't had them. They way they dress it's very modern not of Greek style at all, and, how do they have a jet? Technology is forbidden in the island. This is a very disappointing film full of mistakes with a weak plot and bad draws. If this is the respect Wonder Woman deserves from DC I'm impressed they're still publishing her stories.    

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