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Totally Revamped WW [b]Respect[/b] Thread

Part I Strength

Just how strong are you WW? She doesn't know. It's difficult to find an upper limit to test herself.


Superman is the [b]ONE[/b] Mortal who's power [b]Might[/b] Be Greater than Diana's.


[b]Strength I:Lifting/Pushing/Pulling[/b]

Wonder Woman decides to hurl a Freight train into the Freaking SUN. This after being seriously injured by Deva.

Wonder Woman holds up, disables, and lands the out of control Super Plane, Air Force one.

WW picks up a Giant Space ship sized Alien Tank:

Shared feat with Superman. Actually slowed the Spectre’s decent. Termed as two of the mightiest beings in all the cosmos. He describes his body as housing the conciousness of Eternity. (Infinite Weight)

Catching a meteorite falling from Space instantly with great ease. While having a conversation and encouraging Terra no less. Others didn't have it so easy. See the 2 links below for reference of how fast and heavy the chunks of space debris were.

This gives you an idea just how fast and heavy those things where:

Here is another look. Powergirl hasn’t stopped or slowed hers down yet:

Supporting a bridge with hundreds of thousands of tons of weight on it:

WW carrying a freight train, while injured by Diva:

Holding up the city sized Angelic Chariot while being set on heavenly fire:

Size reference for the Chariot.


Superman plows Amazo thru several floors

WW Pretty much does the same thing:


Throws an Omac so hard that she over rides it’s thrusters, and sends it so far that it is effectively BFR’d

Wonder Woman and Superman actually over power and push the Beyond 5D imp powered Quantum Zealot against his will into the Heaven's Ladder.

Shared moon moving feat:

Shared Holding Earth’s orbit feat:

If anyone says that they didn't stop the Earth from Flinging into space, here is proof that they did, Superman says they had it but were LOSING IT. Denoting that they did stop the Earth's from destablizing.

Actually pulls MM out of a black hole after he'd already passed the Horizon Point. Note that Superman could not even pull himself out and needed help from GL.

For refernence

Hercules has been holding Themyscira on his back for thousands of years as punishment from Zeus.

Diana offers to take his place and holds the Island with him.

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good job,but just:i look scan,the power girl can "stop" it not can't stop it..

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