Wonder Woman #65

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I think they've made a mistake in their conclusion that the realm of the Olympians has been destroyed, because of Ares; if it were the case, then, Darkseid's daughter would be free and roaming around, as well, but she's nowhere to be found; if so, then this mission should be the least of Wonder Woman's concerns in Wonder Woman's own mind; however, she hasn't given Grail a second thought; or, she just hasn't thought that far ahead or outside the box in that way; but, clearly, there's at least something wrong, but, it might have more to do with what's going on with the Otherkind in Justice League Dark more than anything else; that was my initial assumption right at the start of this run; and, becauise of that, I'm not sure that either major book, including the Wonder Woman title could be compartmentalized as if that issue were solved; there should at least be some spillover effect in the Wonder Woman title as the only one of the Big Three trying to handle that problem with the Otherkind; but, Dr. Fate caused it for some grand plan of his so maybe he has it under control.

By the way, Dr. Psycho is in one of the Justice League issues; I just heard about it; that's major; so, I'll have to bend through that series and get caught up; have to discuss Dr. Psycho.


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