Who is more fake in their "respect" for the character.

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@nucleon said:

@geraldofvengerberg: These are not even the concerns here. Our main concern is DC rebooting her, changing her mythos and nerfing her and her universe compared to other characters

All this is par for the course as far as this character is concerned, for the reasons I mentionned. It's been about 80 years that WW went through temporary changes to more temporary changes. She is a multiple-hearts kind of character instead of having one focused direction, and that has been the case for as long as she existed.

Don't forget that she was created as a somewheat sexualized bonding expression, much more light-hearted than she is today. That was a real revolution at the time, and still is today. Nowadays that aspect has been thrown overboard.

There are no contradictions. She should be a warriors with codes. That fights for peace and truth. She should be a powrhouse, never needed a shield and sword to be one before.

She was created to talk about many topics. Sexual lberation for women. Homosexuality, equal rights, racism, etc. She is a self empowerment icon. Diana because she chose her destiny. She was not thrust into heroism by a disaster or tragic backstory. She lives in the present. She’s not grounded by her past. She’s not overtly negative like a pessimist, nor is she naively upbeat like the optimist. She is the realist. She is the balance. Many writers before n52 were able to find that balance.

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@archizooom: @geraldofvengerberg: @masterwitcher88: Here is another example. geof saying the movie is 100% loyal to the characters roots. Yet they killed the Gods. Took away her flight, made her one of Zeu bastards, the fight with Ares was underwhelming. Not to mention that he is a living contradiction with WW. Because he talks about compassion and understanding. Yet his WW in the comics was a blood thirsty bsarbarian. Oh and the way they lied about her role in jl being big. LOL.


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