What if Hercules?

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If Brian Azzarello would have made Hercules Diana’s father instead of Zeus would his story been written any differently?? “Just asking”

Also I made T-shirt about two years ago that states in the front

“Hercules is Wonder Woman’s father”

Every time I wear it I will get a comment from a young girl telling me she likes my T-shirt.

Any thoughts?


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I'd like to see the T-shirt

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Well since it would still take origin of her powers away from a feminine source I think it would still have the same problem.

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Seeing as how he is going to be an Aquaman villain, yeah it would be way different, especially cause then all those gods would not be her brothers & sisters.

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This somewhat depends on which version of Hercules we're going with.

In the original, Hera convinced the other Amazons to attack Hercules when Hippolyta was willing to give Hercules the belt Ares gave her. This won't work, because in that, Hercules and his allies won and there weren't any more Amazons.

In Marvel, Hercules seduced her (or she seduced him, or it was mutual.)

In DC, IIRC, it was rape. (Something that came up in JLA v A.)

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..er not sure this would work, not when Herc Killed Hippolyta in legend.

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It would be like Brainiac being the father of Kal-El or the Joker turning out to be Thomas Wayne= terrible.

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These statements confuse me

Yes, in most of the Greek /Roman myths Hercules did kill Hippolyta but your 're not considering the background. Hippolyta gave her belt willingly and in Greek custom the loosing of a woman's belt signifies she is giving up her single life and opening herself up to marriage and to pregnancy. Hippolyta was giving herself to Hercules to get pregnant by him. The legends of the Amazons are that they normally kill the man after they have mated or had sex with a man. When the goddess Hera incited the Amazons to attack Hercules and his men Hercules responded to the legend, rumor that the Amazons killed the man after they mated with him and that by implication Hippolta was planning to kill him, but in Greek/Roman myth Hippolyta fell in love with Hercules and had no intentions of killing Hercules after she had sex and mated with him. The myth states plainly that Hercules felt a deep remorse for killing her. So in all probability Hippolyta got pregnant by Hercules when this tragic misunderstanding happened. Which leads me to believe that if Hera would not have interfered Hercules and Hippolyta would have gotten married.

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@bezza: In DC comics, he raped her.

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@tyger said:

In DC, IIRC, it was rape. (Something that came up in JLA v A.)

It actually was presented in Perez run on Wonder Woman. I thought Diana's reaction against Herc was weird and out of character, since Herc and the Amazons made peace.

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Well, to be fair, that doesn't mean she doesn't have bad feelings. It just means she doesn't act on them. In that situation, it just means she'd cut loose. I actually had a crossover fanfiction outline started that incorporated that, but I suck and it never went further than a vague outline.

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Hercules Knot

(google Hercules Knot Hippolyta)

The knot of Hercules, created with two intertwined cords, originated as a wedding symbol in ancient Greece. It represented the knotted belt, a symbol of virginity that is worn by the bride and untied by the groom during the ceremony; this custom is the origin of the phrase."tying the knot." The knot symbolized the potency of the god Hercules and the legendary "girdle of Diana" captured from the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta. It was also used as a love amulet.

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