Top 10 Wonder Woman Villains - 2019 Edition!

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Rebirth has been very kind to Wonder Woman's rogues gallery. Classic foes like Blue Snowman and Mayfly resurfaced, while characters who haven't been seen in several decades like Zara and Eviless (now called Saturna) have finally reappeared. Even Wonder Woman's mythological foes like Echidna and the brothers Deimos and Phobos have benefited from appearances in the last few years. But here I'm going to discuss the current Top 10 Wonder Woman Villains.

10. Baroness Paula von Gunther

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The Baroness had been demoted off my 2017 list, but here she is back at #10. Not only does Von Gunther have the honor of being Wonder Woman's first true arch-nemesis, she also returned in a huge way in last year's Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 2. Her longevity as a Wonder Woman character, both villainous and as an ally to the Amazons, makes her a compelling addition to the heroine's cast of characters.

9. Silver Swan

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James Robinson's run was not well-received by fans or critics, and unfortunately, his choices in revitalizing Vanessa Kapatelis as the Silver Swan were among the criticisms. This fan much prefers Helen Alexandros (or even Valerie Beaudry), and it seems to be a case that many fans agree. This new Silver Swan arc killed off one of Wonder Woman's most historically prominent supporting characters, Julia Kapatelis. But one cannot ignore the impact that the Silver Swan moniker has had in the overall Wonder Woman lore, which why her place for the beginning of 2019 sits firmly at #9.

8. Doctor Psycho

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Doctor Psycho's rank drops significantly for this 2019 edition. Which is unfortunate, as he's one of Diana's darkest and most demented villains. Fortunately for Dr. Psycho fans, he has a fantastic role as a "modern con-man" in the aforementioned Wonder Woman: Earth One, Vol. 2.

7. Giganta

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Along with Cheetah, Giganta is without a doubt the most instantly recognizable of Wonder Woman's rogues gallery. Unlike Cheetah, though, Giganta doesn't have the overall relevance throughout Wonder Woman's mythos. She has actually very few stories devoted to her. What's exciting, however, is that writer G. Willow Wilson has big plans for Giganta in her upcoming stories, so it's likely Giganta's ranking will increase.

6. Doctor Poison

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Doctor Poison's prominence has risen with her small but memorable role in the critically successful Wonder Woman film. This allowed her to get a boost in the comics, as well, where she's currently Colonel Poison. Many fans aren't too thrilled with the complete revamp of Dr. Poison, but hints of the classic mad scientist are still present with the character.

5. Veronica Cale

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If you had asked me five years ago what I thought of Veronica Cale, I'd have responded with an apathetic shrug. When Greg Rucka first created the character during his original run, she seemed to come off as a "forced archnemesis" and "lady Lex Luthor." Rebirth has done wonders for the character, giving her a compelling motivation and backstory. She has become one of Wonder Woman's best villains, and I look forward to seeing her in future stories.

4. Doctor Cyber

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Doctor Cyber was such a major antagonist throughout the 60's and 70's, and then mysteriously vanished from comics. You could probably count on one hand the amount of times she encountered Wonder Woman during the Post-Crisis era. But Rebirth came along and Doctor Cyber was completely altered. She now considers herself a digital goddess, a fantastic concept for a character steeped in traditional mythology. There are so many possibilities with this character, and I hope DC doesn't wait too long before bringing her back into the spotlight.

3. Ares

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I hesitate to even call Ares a villain anymore. Throughout the New 52 and the beginnings of Rebirth, Ares was portrayed as an ally to Diana rather than an enemy. However, he did have an interesting opening arc in G. Willow Wilson's run, so we will have to see where the comic version goes from here. Unfortunately, he also had a lackluster performance in the Wonder Woman film, where many critics felt he was the weakest aspect of the story. Still, he has a long history with Wonder Woman and retains his spot at #3.

2. Circe

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It's strange (and unfortunate) how little Circe has been used in the past few years. However, her stories as a villain are more plentiful than those with Ares, so she takes the second spot on the list. But I wouldn't be too surprised if Veronica Cale, Doctor Cyber, or Giganta overtakes them on the list with their appearances this year and beyond.

1. Cheetah

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This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone; Cheetah has benefited the most from Rebirth, more than any other villain. She now has a reason for despising Wonder Woman, something fans were aching for in times past. Her look is savage and predatory, and she has even hit it big with other members of the Legion of Doom in the Justice League series. And if that wasn't enough, the next Wonder Woman film features Cheetah in a leading role. The future is bright for this feline villainess!

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where is alkyone and the circle?c

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I only wish Captaiin Wonder would come back. Cronus too.

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If a list is going to be done annually it should consist of villains appearing within that year, with that in mind my list would be this one.

Dr. Psycho



Veronica Cale





Uber Fraulein


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