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(IMDB says Diana is the world’s greatest female superhero...but do they even know WHAT makes her the greatest???   I originally posted all this at the Internet Movie Database under their Wonder Woman message boards, back in December, but it all got deleted for some mysterious reason.  So now, all of you get to see it.)

December 1, 2006



For Wonder Woman's 65th anniversary, I've been prodded & prodded by friends to post, at this website, my--what we all believe to be the ultimate Wonder Woman movie--screenplay...The one that should be used for the very first Wonder Woman debut movie.

Altho this screenplay I have in my hands was only meant to be my personal baby, I finally agreed to put it out there for everyone, only because me & my friends know dam well studio execs will end up producing a crappy mediocre movie that is not true to the Wonder Woman mythos.  The reason why is because unlike Batman or Superman, the Wonder Woman character requires far more deft & understanding than any studio exec or two-bit writer would have.  Since we'll never see the ultimate true Wonder Woman on screen, my friends thought it'd only be fair if I shared my screenplay to the public, in order to give everyone a picture of what the ultimate Wonder Woman movie would look like.  To see what could have been.  So you can stop Wondering.

But first let me introduce myself.



My name is Brett.  I am an independent writer and author.  I am well known in indie circles.  No, I have not been commissioned by DC/Warner to write the Wonder Woman movie screenplay.  This screenplay that I have in my hands is my personal baby, and is actually the product of loving refinement, re-writes & revisions over the years.  Let me start from the beginning...

It started in the 80's.  I wasn't a comicbook geek, nor did I collect comics, but I loved superheroes.  And watched the Wonder Woman TV show, the Superfriends, and began reading any comicbooks with her in it.  I studied this character deeply, and the more I learned, the more I felt closer to her.  I found there's more to her than most people thought, going beyond the TV show (which didn't do her enough justice).   I understood the true virtuous essence of what she's really about in championing for the wisest, most just, and peaceful resolution to problems.  And that essence made her the ultimate true hero symbol that I really admired (aside from Troia).  She had everything I could hope for in a woman...the kind I would marry.  I was not a feminist, and yet I became her #1 admirer.  Why?  Because I believe Wonder Woman is about more than that.  I couldn't tell you the latest comicbook storyline news, because I didn't keep up with all the comics, but I could tell you about the character herself.  I had what no comicbook geek had...a true appreciation of her essence.

Superman & Batman had their movies.  So it was my goal to one day be the guy who makes the Wonder Woman movie.

As a pastime, I wrote a personal movie script as if I were the director & writer making such a movie.  Originally I hoped to have my Wonder Woman movie released in time for her 50th anniversary, in late 1991.  But when 1990 arrived, I was still just a college Psychology major, and the Batman movie was already out (which psyched me more to turn out a Wonder Woman movie).  I was no closer to my goal, the Iraq War was afoot, and before I knew it, 1991 arrived and I never met my deadline!  My childhood goal was now a distant dream.  Sigh. 

I was depressed, and gave up on my original goal...after college I changed careers and became a writer instead.  But as a hobby, I continued refining my screenplay over the years (even till today), adding new perspectives/ideas here, chipping away there, rewriting plotlines, etc.

DC Comics did not do enough to celebrate her 50th Anniversary, but instead, the Iraq War occurred and that gave me an revise my blossoming screenplay and write the real world situation of 1991 into the story as her coming to America during a time of the war in the Middle East to preach as a symbol of peace.  I thought to myself...hey, this is like déjà vu!  Back when Wonder Woman debuted, the USA was entering World War 2 (after Pearl Harbor).  She debuted during a time that needed a mighty powerful icon of peace and love and such virtues that we all must not forget.  (Although she wasn't used that way during WW2.)

One thing that probably helped influence my screenplay was my psychology major (just as William Marston was a psychiatrist) interesting coincidence that was brought to my attention only a few years ago by friends...a fact that, in addition to me being a male, helps make me a suitable person to write THE Wonder Woman script.  In fact, I would be mad if ever a woman were writing Wonder Woman, movie or comic.  (I'll elaborate why in another thread).

My movie screenplay does what most other DC superhero movies these days don't do anymore...and that's to teach an important lesson or principle, not just show action scenes.  I don't think Hollywood really knows what it means to be a hero.  And now they have now put out a new show called "Heroes", giving their garbage version of what a hero is.  Pathetic!!

My friends, who admired my screenplay, have read it and are vexed I didn't go on to be an official movie writer, just to see my script on screen.  The problem is (besides me giving up on that goal), I chose to become an indie writer because I hate Mainstream, including the mainstream comicbook industry that in my wisdom had become so defiled with twisted minds (editors and writers).  As an indie I maintain a premium creativity without being influenced by such crap.  In fact, lately I've been working with some friends on a script for a private unauthorized, unofficial rendition of the 1915 movie "The Clansman", aka "Birth Of A Nation"...hopefully in time for its 100th anniversary.  

So now, contrary to my friends' advice, I've decided not to post my actual screenplay verbatim online.  This is mainly to protect the copying of my personal baby, since I have no copyright protections.  Same goes with photos/drawings of my original re-designed outfit.

But what I can offer you all is the synopsis of my current screenplay, and some highlights.

The following preview/synopsis is a labor of love.

So here it is, Please enjoy!.........

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My screenplay is very Wonder Womanly!  Me & my friends feel that its theultimate, mainly for the approach I take...

And since I've come to know this character more intimately than most, I have also resolved the debate on her former use as a patriot-propaganda tool.  Mr. Marston may have shown her off as an American flag symbol, in an era when everyone thought patriotism equals right (Heck, she even has the same initials as World War!), but what Marston really created was a symbol for peace.  And check this...I don't think the real Wonder Woman would approve the way WW2 was won by Atomic bomb unnecessarily killing thousands!  What if WW2 hadn't come?  You have to realize that he created a that is less about patriotism and more about values that are very relevant in the real world that most people sweep under the rug such as peace, Amazon values, and other virtues that she learned while on her own and had brought back to Themyscira.  And it is for those reasons (among others) that everything about my rendition is true to the it the characters, the new outfit, plotlines, etc.  My screenplay is about doing it right the second time around...portraying her as she truly is, or was meant to be before WW2 influenced her image & used as a war propaganda tool, like the other major superheroes were (including the shameful Wilson Batman serials).  My screenplay has elements of all her incarnations, but its also about having the original traditions shown in a new light, that have not been fully explored before.

I also consulted a Wonder Woman reference that I owned throughout the 80's, "Encyclopedia Of Comicbook Heroes - Volume 2", by Collier Books. 

UPDATE:             (In fact, I suggest to anyone who wants to know her more, to get a hold of a copy.  Last I heard its back in re-print.)

The basic idea of my story is that Hippolyta had originally fought during WW2, sent as a secret agent on a lone mission to help achieve peace and end the war.  But nobody knew that she had powers.  Then years later in the present, she is longs for and is granted a child.  That child grows up in a culture that makes her into an amazing warrior.  A culture of Amazon women that were blessed by the Olympic gods.  Then years later in the present, war fighting erupts again in Man's world sometime in the Autumn (like WW2 did), and Hippolyta is summoned by the Olympic gods to send another champion there...just when another agent of peace (a male) accidentally lands lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and inevitably on Themyscira.  While bringing him back, Diana arrives in America the following New Year (January) in the new outfit, making her presence & powers known (rather than secret like Hippolyta did).  Its a different kind of war that's afoot this time.  Its part cold war, part spec ops, with a heated situation bloodily escalating in the Middle East, North America, and Europe, with some links in South America...causing more conflicts in other parts of the world as well.  Its not just the ravaging of buildings and innocent civilians at stake here, but people's souls...more so than in WW2.  Which is why someone like Wonder Woman is so crucial at this time, more so than a Superman or a Greenlantern.  Diana not only tackles the war problem, but drops knowledge and values on people, achieving peace in a two-way campaign.  Although she helps avert major world war, achieving total peace is far from over so she stays in Man's world both as ambassador and investigative agent of peace.

The screenplay begins with a scene in prehistoric times.  For her inability to defend herself, a cavegirl gets killed by her male partner being angry at not having enough food upon his return from hunting all day.  But he also lied about it, by deceptively tossing out the large portions she actually cooked.  So not only was this injustice from testosterone male hostility but also a deception.  Then I have her beautiful ghostly soul flying through the clouds.  And now, if this were a film, the intro credits would begin with some theme music. 

Then I skip ahead to a Themysciran scene that would be met with loud audience applause upon seeing the mystery actor who plays Hippolyta carving the ideal child she longs for.  And later while alone, calls upon Aphrodite to grant her wish.  That's when the ghostly soul of the slain Cavewoman is redirected to give new life to the clay sculpture, transforming into flesh that Hippolyta calls her "wonder child"...which later gives way to "Wonder Woman", as Hippolyta then calls her...and when Diana mentions that name to Hollywood agent Al Kale, they use it right away & assume her chest emblem is a double "W" that stands for "Wonder Woman", even though she explains otherwise.

After making a public splash she integrates into American society in a secret identity, then tackles the war problem as Wonder Woman, and soon uncovers the fact that a military security advisor named William Mars (conspiring with an English duke) is behind the manipulation of truth behind some mysterious war crimes which led to the war escalating.  She fights him and many other military fighters, brings the truth to light, averts another major world war, and helps reduce the war tensions.  After which she is recognized by the United Nations, and in an inspirational vote of many nations, Diana is appointed international ambassador of peace to the UN.  The End...until the sequel, involving Cheetah.


The cavegirl was killed because of male testosterone-filled aggression and because she could not defend herself.  Wonder Woman represents a female symbol who does have the power to fight back & not get killed, AND do the right things in handling it, using truth & righteous virtues to quell the testosterone hostility in man's world.

The main themes of this movie are peace and the redeeming power of truth.

I've seen recent portrayals of my girl Diana by both various writers and you fans' describing her (including via YouTube and all), and I find them all despicable!  You fans are missing out and fall short of understanding who she really is!  You fans make her out to be this fierce Xena who wouldn't mind using lethal anytime its "needed".  That is not the real Wonder Woman!!   Champions like Buffy or Xena would do that.

Diana is much much more than all the female champion icons combined!  Which is why she is the grand champion of them all.

While Superman's story involves science fiction & powerful heroics, and Batman's world is about mystery, noir tragedy, & cliffhangers...Wonder Woman's struggle-story is more about spreading peace while at the same time maintaining her Amazon principles & values in the face of Man's violent corrupt world.  And to those ends, she battles the demons, E.T.'s, monsters, and superpowered villains that would threaten that peace.  Although she would not kill a human or innocent being, her killing the demons & monsters is a metaphor for her defeating the evils that exist in Man’s world.  The spirits, if you will.  But she battles regular evil humans too.  In this case, her challenge would be to resolve ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: ::::::::: :::::::::

problems (ie. Hostage situations, rampages, etc) without using lethal force even on the badguys.  If anyone can do it, if anyone has the will to, its Diana.

And only when she defeats the demons does it allow for the other part of her mission to take place, which is teaching love & peace & Amazonian values and winning the hearts of people.

While Buffy only tackles demons & monsters, and Batman takes on regular criminals, Wonder Woman takes them all on.

You see, you must understand what makes her the greatest superheroine...she's not seemingly as powerful as Storm, but she gets the job done in the end, and gets it done the RIGHT way, in situations that most other so-called powerful superheroes could not.

Action-wise, her story is part physical combat, part espionage, part special ops, and investigative elements.  You talk about the espionage of La Femme Nikita, or the demon fighting of Buffy, or the capers of Xena...Wonder Woman has done it all, long before any of these other champions existed.  She is the original.


The Amazons are not just Greek descended women, but multicultural as a result of Themyscira's long history and the collection of women lost at sea from long ago.  Their culture today, although rooted in ancient Amazon, now has elements resembling Polynesian, Japanese, etc.  But still distinctly ethnic culture, many colors.

I've always seen the Themyscirans & their life as being more like Polynesians than Greek.  They live on a tropical island, and live closely with nature.  Their philosophical beliefs are more closely related to Polynesian Mana.  Their beliefs in the spirit of all things, the five universal elements, respect for nature, etc.  I've also added elements of the Uyghur people in the Amazon culture (since in the real world the Uyghur people descended from real life Amazons).  If this were made into a film, in scenes where the Amazons are playing "Themysciran" music, I would use Kyrgyz music.

Although the island is hidden & still off limits to men (although I'm still undecided about how they'd feel towards hermaphrodites), the Amazons are a peaceful culture who've also, being multiculturally minded, kept tabs on the "outside world" and had relations with other beings including Atlanteans & other civilizations (ie-Martians, ET's, etc), which explains some of their evolving clothing styles, from togas to various other garments...including some diaphanous clothing that resemble today's see-thru lingerie that women love to wear.

Their technology is environment-friendly...of course, they were blessed by the Olympic gods.  They have centuries of warfare knowledge collected worldwide, starting from the era they fought Hercules's armies, and then refined to fit Amazonian ideals, including non-lethal strategies.

The all-women society lead lifestyles of warriors and peaceful beings always ready for war when needed.  And without the hang-ups of common women, nor do they have PMS or any the other biological drawbacks...with no men around to copulate, their biologies have no need for'em. They're healthy year-round, and retain their beauty throughout their lives.

There is a quick montage of Diana growing up & training, displaying amazing abilities that make you think that maybe she's a bit more powerful than Kal-El. 

In fact, no mere mortal athletes can even compare to what Amazons do for training and sport!  Amazons partake in daily activities so extreme that would kill any healthy full grown mortal.  The Amazons dive off cliffs...ride rough kangas...get hit with bullets, and its not much more than a flea bite to them...etc.


A paradox:  Although Wonder Woman's Amazon principles resemble the teachings of Jesus, being associated with the multiple Greek gods goes against what Jesus teaches. Well, I have an answer to that as well, written in an interesting scene between Diana and a old Christian lady that she meets who is protesting Diana & her Amazon people for worshiping false idols (the Olympic Gods).  Diana has an inspiring explanation for the lady that puts the question to rest...but you'll only find out the full details if my script is ever made into a movie!

They are not "gods" as in actual supreme beings, but more like spirits of nature.  Each representing a different force category.  Kind of like the Polynesians' concept of Mana.  The gods are not always seen.  But they do have a real presence...And Ares takes actual physical form by inhabiting a human body (William Mars).


The idea of the main theme score is to exude feminine mystique sounds inbetween waves of exuberant heroic hope & empowerment sounds.  I have looked to Cirque Du Soleil to find it.  But their stuff was too dark.  I've looked to the haunting sounds of the Russian steppes folks...still not right.  But, I am including some chanting of the Kazakh & Kyrgyz people in my final score.  As of this writing, I am still trying to come up with the right score that matches my criteria of mystique-to-exuberant-power.  If this were made into a movie, I would also commission artists like Cyndi Lauper or Sara McLaughlin to write other soundtrack songs.

UPDATE:             I have found a college music student who could help me with the theme score.


As "all the world is waiting for heeeerrrrr...and the powers she'll possess", I can tell you that my modern version of Wonder Woman is more powerful than Hippolyta or the Lynda Carter version.  But to understand definitively what powers she has, you must understand the source of superheroes' powers.  Without them, they wouldn't be super.  For Superman, its the yellow sun...for Greenlantern, its the large battery on OA...for Batman, its wealth.  But for Diana, it’s the Olympic gods.  You see, there is a distinction between the Amazons' natural abilities with the warrior training of their Amazonian heritage, and the further enhancements given to them by the gods.   All the women on Themyscira have these powers as long as they are on the island, or are wearing the magic girdles when they leave the island.  Even without powers, she is already a formidable opponent, raised in perhaps the most complete warrior training on earth.  But it is only with the endowment of the gods could she take on the various demons and superpowered beings (not to mention regular humans, while avoid using lethal force).  Its like Buffy Summers not being able to tackle vampires on combat training alone, without her Slayer strength/speed.  Without her god-given powers, Wonder Woman's capabilities would just be akin to Xena's.She moves almost as fast as the Flash, but not enough to break the time barrier.  Her durability & healing factor have also increased significantly.  Common bullets don't puncture her skin.  Narcotic drugs or poison gas would only briefly daze her.  And yes, she can fly...but not at super speed.  At times she calls upon relics of the Olympic gods which temporarily enhances her baseline powers multi-fold.  The special effects I'd use would make her powers look more amazing than ever shown on the TV show.  If my screenplay were made into a movie, I would have the invisible jet made using the same computer animation used in making James Bond's car invisible.  In fact, the new beautiful, dramatic designs of Diana's equipment would all have dramatic unveilings, with heralding music.

In addition to her physical abilities & keen senses, Diana has the eagerness & ability to experience every culture [& language] by melding with each of them and making'em her own, thus she can communicate with anyone on earth, including animals.  This is in addition to her keen intellect and investigative abilities.  Unlike Superman who has the powers but isn’t a very keen detective, or Batman who is a detective but not much on powers, Wonder Woman has it all.  She does not have the level of power that Superman has, which is why she must work harder...but she has more powers (& training) than Batman, which equips her to take on hazards that no man can.


Some people (like Sandra Bullock) say that the Wonder Woman outfit is too skimpy and they would not feel comfortable playing the part in it.  But I don't think it is.  Starfire's outfit is more revealing than her's!  I think it's the bright colors that make it seem so revealing.

My design (coming straight from the heart) is one that she was originally meant to wear based on her true essence, before the patriotic backdraft of WW2 got hold of her first.  My design represents the true way she was meant to look...the way she should’ve looked.  Of course I've diverted from the US flag look, because she's not from America, she’s from Themyscira!  And as ambassador of universal peace, she should not represent any one nation.  She even said it herself on the TV show when she quoted Samuel Johnson, "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels", she said straight to Steve Trevor's face.

Let's start from the bottom up...

The white portions of her red boots are now silvery.  But I also designed red sandals she sometimes wears. 

The trunks are streamlined & lengthened about a third way down her thighs like spandex cycling shorts...which is one of the original comicbook designs back in the 1940's, anyway.  I have replaced the white five pointed stars with silvery starbursts similar to Troia's "outerspace" outfit.  Except, instead of a black background, I have a beautiful & mysterious aqua night-blue that's the same color of a "Themysciran night sky after the sun sets".

Her magic girdle stays golden, but is shaped in double "W"/"M" bars in front and is a bit wider than the TV show's.  From a distance, it looks like a golden "M", but upclose you can see something that resembles a "W".

I have elongated the Amazonium bracelets covering half her forearm.  They are silver colored without the red star.  All the Amazons wear these plain silver bracelets.  However, only Diana's pair have "W" bar symbols engraved on them.

Now, for the part you all been waiting for!...the top.  The emblem has been a much debated topic, and I can finally tell you that I have gone with a sort of hybrid...meaning, there's a golden outline atop that forms an "M" contour, but with all the vertexes curved out and the "head" portion in the middle resembles a "W" formation.  The bottom of it is a corresponding golden "W" contour with curves (instead of vertexes) under each bosom.  Inbetween the outlines are tightly cropped golden bars curved across each bosom forming what look to be bird wings.  The overall design is shaped like formation of an eagle spreading its wings. 

The middle "head" portion is simply a golden triangular round point that has a slight 3-dimensional protrusion (not a bend) in front, like a short "beak", but you wouldn't see it unless you saw it at a side angle.  The design is partly in tribute to William Marston's initials.  The red portions are not necessarily bright red, but more of a red tide red, like the Red Sea...and is the Wonder Bra of the Themyscirans.  It is set higher up the chest than the Lynda Carter version, thus the "head" covers all cleavage...sorry men, no parting of the Red Sea here! (lol)

The seeming ambiguity of the emblem is supposed to be partly open to interpretation.  The Amazons are both strong warriors and advocates for peace.  Thus their symbols are both the Eagle and the Dove.  The emblem could stand for either.  Its also connected to the fact that she can fly & not just glide.

I mean seriously, if I had used an eagle emblem did you want guys making jokes of sticking their arms under her bust saying the "eagle" is resting on their forearms?

The tiara is worn fully around the head over the hair (like the original comicbook).  Now, the red star is still 5-pointed.  But the 5 points represent the 5 well as the 5 gods that gave Amazons life...Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, & Aphrodite.

I'm sorry I cannot post a photo of my design here, for the same reasons I can't post my complete screenplay verbatim.  But I can tell you that my design actually fits & works in real life!  I had a tailor sew it up for my girlfriend to model.  Boy does she look good in it!  She is 6' tall, a Miss Fitness competitor from Hawaii, black hair, and actually looks more like Starfire...Most Hawaiians could pass for Tamaranean, minus the green eyes.  In fact, if ya just dress me up in black coveralls, slap a mask on me, and have me stand next to my girlfriend, we'd look just like a Nightwing/Starfire couple!  I'm even the same height as Nightwing.

I paraded her in the outfit at a comicon once...people liked it.  I even drew a movie poster with an upclose shot of her top, and one with her bracelets crossed in that Amazonian power pose.

I've even made a few silver bracelets with the Amazonian bars engraved into them, and sold them to people.  Other people have done it too.

The underwater suit Wonder Woman wears is also made from the same color scheme as the new trunks I've designed.

I've also designed a special Burqa made of that material for when she goes to Muslim countries that would be outraged to see her over-baring outfit.

UPDATE:             I recently found out that DC now has a new girdle design very similar to mine!


Some DC writers have come to stupid conclusion that a "naïve" young gal like Diana, new to Man's world, would not have the street guile to pull off a secret identity...I say HOGWASH!   Espionage is a part of warfare, and Amazons were schooled in spy arts that were historically used by their ancestors to camouflage themselves from the warlords of Ares.  And don't forget, she has magical voice/ventriloquist abilities too!  And besides, when she was hiding from her mother to compete in the competition, don't you think that took a lot of guile? 

Instead of a military yeoman, I have Diana as a medic working in the same non-profit organization as Steve.  I have Etta Candy working in there as well.  Instead of the military, Steve works for a private non-profit worldwide aid organization (whose HQ is in Boston, which also happens to be where William Marston was born & his wife grew up) that's like an amalgam of Amnesty International, Peace Corps, Human Rights Watch, ACLU, The Southern Poverty Law Center, International Justice Mission, and IFCO all wrapped in one.  Steve Trevor is one of the organization's investigative peace agents rather than a military leader (altho his dad was an airforce pilot).  And he believes there is more to this war than meets the eye.

After the first "outside world" man (Steve Trevor) randomly ends up on Themyscira while en route to Brazil to covertly investigate a link to the Middle East war, he is saved by the Amazons.  Upon Hippolyta's orders, Amazon leaders investigate Steve's strange arrival to the island, only to find that big trouble is stirring in Man's World like never before.  

After he is blindly brought back to Man's world by Diana, she secretly leaves him at a Boston hospital.  This was after parking her invisible jet on the outskirts of the Boston coast (later she's able to hide her jet because of this).   After which there is a period where she gets acquainted with Man's world...although there are some things she's already familiar with due to her academic studies on Themyscira.

Then when checking up on Steve, Diana encounters a woman whose fiancé works in Brazil studying native Amazon tribes, where there was an attack on some villagers that Steve was going to investigate....  The desperate woman had tried to get a job at the non-profit, in hopes that they'd send her to Brazil so she can be with her fiancé.  So Diana made her a deal...Diana would give her the resources necessary to be sent to Brazil for free if she would just give Diana her identity.  The exchange was made, and Diana of Themyscira became Daphne Diana Prince (or just "D"), taking on both her identity & repressed bookish librarian looks.  Then she applied & got hired on by the non-profit as a nurse and personal assistant to Steve Trevor.

BTW, if you think about it, "Diana" is her slave name because its the ROMAN version of "Artemis".


The dynamic between her & Steve Trevor is that Wonder Woman must teach him proper virtue & wisdom, while refusing to be his girlfriend.  And Steve is a good listener/learner, for he is already somewhat of a proper person, which is why he works at this non-profit international aid organization.  As far any romance, Diana's policy is the same as for sex...she won't have it, until Man's World is free from evil.  So much for that!  And she actually tells him this, in a dramatic scene near the end of the screenplay.   If ya ask me, this long tradition is a metaphor for how women refuse to make love until the house cleaning duties are finished!


Ares & Duke of deception.

Diana knows that the god Ares is taking on the human form of William Mars, and is the one behind all the chaotic manipulation...who tries to push for World War 3...But only Diana recognizes him as Ares.

And yes, I named the Mars character after Wonder Woman creator William Marston, for a reason.

Mars he carries a special “Mars Stun Gun” with which he first disables Diana.

The English duke is then publicly humiliated with the new (& fitting) nickname of The Duke of Deception, who is really a shapeshifter.

At the climax, Wonder Woman is being beaten by Ares (full powered) like the Cavewoman was...but then she inspirationally fights back, and in the end it is Ares's own actions that kills him (or at least his host body).

After the main conflict of averting another major world war (the engine of chaos) is over, Man's world still has a lot to learn, chock full of racism & such.  But now they are able to start the learning process, thanks to Wonder Woman.

She is then appointed (by a vote of many nations) as ambassador of peace to the United Nations, at which she gives an inspirational speech that only someone like her could deliver.


I had also extended my screenplay with a sequel that deals with the extended theme of truth.  By tackles the issue of crazed women feminists, using Cheetah as a personification of all that is wrong with a woman...the psycho biyatch who feels inferior & therefore has to take it out on others.  Each sequel I planned involves each one or more of Diana's enemies, including Artemis.  Cheetah is eventually put in league with the other female villains, including Giganta.  Each one represents a metaphor an aspect of women gone wrong.  And hopefully this clearly shows how Wonder Woman is different than Buffy, Xena, Catwoman, or any other of those gratuitous Girl Power icons.  Today, the popular thing seems to be about mean girls, girls making fools of themselves, depriving themselves, etc.  To put it simply without exhaustive explanation (just email me at my website if you have questions), Buffy is not an icon to look up to, but Diana is.  My sequels illustrate the point I have been making this whole time...Its not about Woman/Girl Power, its about superheroism.

Although I had planned to have male villains too, and they have their place in symbolism.  Like with Egg Fu, I would tackle the issue of racism.


Who would I, the #1 admirer of our girl, cast to play the various parts? 

Omarosa?  Nah, just kidding!

Well for Diana, it must be someone who at least matches her physical stature and build...that is: 5'11", a Miss Fitness build, early 20's.   Diana's has the Aphroditic beauty of something un-nameable that NO supermodel can ever compare to.

I've seen the gallery of fan suggestions and I would not use any of those actors...they are all ridiculous!  I know many have wanted Jessica Biel...I wouldn't use her either, because for one, she does not match the physical prerequisites.  Tho it seems she has a personality match, but it still doesn't quite fit the criteria of my Wonder Woman. 

The best way to represent my script would be to use any unknown actor who first, very closely matches the physical standard description of the characters, and can play the parts right rather than a celebrity, so that the focus would be on the character rather than celebrity. 

In fact, I would not cast anyone in particular for any of the parts. 

Except one...the part of Hippolyta.

I can think of no one else to play my Hippolyta other than Lynda Carter herself!!  This choice is appropriate in so many ways.  (Think about it...)

UPDATE:             I've seen that they've casted Megan Gale for the Wonder Woman part in an upcoming JLA movie.  I want to say that I also do not approve of her.  She meets some of the physical requirements, but not all.  Megan would be more fitting of a cartoonish watered down version of Wonder Woman, for a movie that does not delve deeply into who she really is.  At any rate, they should buff her up to Miss Fitness shape.   And she had better act the part!!

SOME HIGHLIGHTS of my screenplay:

Diana even goes undercover with Steve once on a mission, taking on the name "Sadie" Holloway (which is an homage to William Marston's wife, which held the root word "sadism").

There's a scene where some people from Man's world are listening to Wonder Woman describe what Amazons wear, and the mens' jaws drop, while the women wish they could go there where there are no men.

If this were made into a movie:  The part where Steve Trevor is found by two young brunette Amazons in their early 20's after crash landing there, I would not let on the fact that one of them is Diana, to save the surprise of what actor had the honor of playing her.

Wonder Woman passes by a biker guy wearing a shirt with an eagle on it, posed similar to Wonder Woman's emblem...he looks at her chest, thinks its an eagle, and gives her a thumb's up "Yeah!" approval gesture.  Then Wonder Woman returns the gesture by giving him a "bracelet up" (as Amazons do), then he gestures back with imaginary bracelets but in an exaggerated way with a smile...I added this tribute scene based on an actual event in Lynda Carter's real life when she met a biker.  (Ask her about it) :)

A getting-dressed scene where it flashes up close on Wonder Woman's breastplate.  Women will appreciate it & get an inspired rush.  Men will get a kick out of it too.

When presenting Diana with a new costume, Hippolyta has the magic lasso wrapped up, hidden from view, until Wonder Woman first goes into action upon arriving in Boston, in a hornblowing heralding scene when she finally whips out & reveals the stunning-looking Magic Lasso!!

A scene of a little girl who draws Wonder Woman rescuing Robin Hood!   (Which is an homage to an old comicbook story)

At the end of the movie, Wonder Woman intervenes in a domestic dispute where the husband is beating the wife...and Wonder Woman handles it graciously rather than the typical anticipated Wonder Woman-a$$-whoopin that most "little girls" today are expecting.  (Come on...think about it...she's a super powered being, he's a mere contest...and she's also about peace!)

After she safely ends a robbery, a Hollywood talent scout sees her & asks her to appear in various movies, shows, etc.  After being interviewed by the media, the tabloids give her names like "The Amazing Amazon".

At first, some people even mistakenly thought Diana came from the Amazon people of Brazil...but that was then cleared up.

A flurry of girls/women who idolize her, swarm around her while dressed in their own versions of "Wonder Woman" costumes, and one even wore the Cathy Lee Crosby outfit!!  LOL

Hollywood agent Al Kale commissions a band to write a cheesy sounding song about Wonder Woman...and I use the old TV show theme as that song, because I think that song is cheesy as hell!  Diana reacts to the song with a so-so look on her face, in a funny scene.

An interesting funny scene where Diana describes Themyscira to a group of people, and one of the men who doesn't believe her asks Diana to, "Take me to paradise island!".   She misunderstands his intent in that statement, and says that by Themysciran law, no man is allowed on the island.  Then he shouts out ‘that’s not what I meant!’ ßFunny!

One of the funniest lines in the script: "No Steve, I'm the one wearing the pants", says Diana, after she saves him from an attack dog that rips his pants off.

Scene of her being given a spangled skirt by a young fan, but then Diana later rips it off in protest while handling a crimefighting situation....This is symbolic...

While on an overseas mission with Steve Trevor, Diana wears those white coveralls she wore back in the 1960's comicbooks when she was doing spy work...then she rips it all off to reveal her Wonder Woman outfit.

A scene of Diana with some Boston roller derby girls, while she's fighting a badguy.

This screenplay actually mentions a lot of things true to the comicbook that the TV show never mentioned...

A few well placed flashbacks to when Diana was training.

A few well placed flashbacks that briefly show legendary scenes of the history of the Amazons & Olympic gods.

If this were made into a movie, I have it so at the end of credits, first playing the movie theme, then a bit of silence, then the old TV tune starts playing!!

At the conclusion part of the movie, there's a humorous scene that only devout fans would understand & appreciate...Diana's Hollywood agent calls her up informing her that the studio execs can't decide a script for the action movie about her!!


I hoped you all enjoyed me sharing bits of my screenplay.  You can discuss it amongst yourselves.  But do not reply to me here because I won't be here to see them.  I don't usually come to these sites. I'm just going around to different websites to share my personal screenplay, and go. If you have questions or comments for me, post'em at my website...

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Here's some problems you have:
Writing a screenplay for a franchise you don't have the rights for=waste of your time, you can't do ANYTHING with it.
Where's a treatment? This ridiculously long proposal would never get read by WB, you know, the people that own the rights to Wonder Woman.
You call this the Ultimate Wonder Woman script, yet you don't even give a page. You can have the best story in the world, but if you suck at screenwriting, that won't matter.

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This sounds very interesting, and it could work as an honest to god film. And who wouldn't want Lynda Carter to play Hippolyta? Lol

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sounds interesting...

But WB will do her justice if they make a film. Just make a damn good movie. Like The Dark Knight Trilogy. three very well made movies centering around the character and themes of Batman-verse.

The problem with WW is that she does not have enough "classic graphic novels". Superman has some great stories that are very well reviewed and loved. Batman is a whole new diff level, two of his books are in the top 100 times magazine for best novels of the 20th century (which gave him a boost when it came to making a great batman movie. Nolan read all the best Batman books).

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