Kids Want More Wonder Woman (and Birds of Prey too!)

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For those of you who don't know, I'm about half way through an internship at the Worcester Art Museum outside of Boston working as part of the Outreach Program to underprivileged kids. It's been a lot of long and rewarding work, but the kids are teaching me about life and growing up in a whole different world, as I am to them of art ... and Wonder Woman.

The subject of the Amazing Amazon came up when a couple of my students saw my small Wonder Woman pin pinned to the zipper of my messenger bag. Most know of Princess Diana through the Justice League themed cartoons, a few from comics, and even a couple from the TV show DVD. As our time together progresses more and more kids (mostly girls, but a large contingent of boys) are asking more indepth questions, not just about the heroine's powers, but her background, family of sisters, other heroines like her (they love the idea of Oracle fighting crime from a wheelchair and coordinating other heroines like Black Canary and Huntress) and especially her message of peace despite being such a strong warrior. For many of the girls, they're happy to see a strong woman represented as strong as Superman or Batman

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DC! Kids want to know more about Wonder Woman and from the thirty to forty kids I've been spending time with in the last seven weeks, they're chomping at the bit to see the Amazon's adventures, but the comic isn't accessible everywhere. I'll be bringing in trades to show & tell every Friday (assuming everyone follows the weekly instructions), but I really can't spend more than a few minutes on the subject of Wonder Woman or other comics without the the kids loosing focus of the day's lesson. It stinks that good comics aren't available at the supermarket or other stores that kids can get these books because growing up I learned SO much from them. My parents saw the value of such entertainment and my room was flooded with comics. I wish I could do the same for my students!

~ Hype
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Thats so sad and sweet.

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