I noticed a trend with female action characters

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Look at the big female action cartoons that have been made in the last 20 years. Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, and Kim Possible all are part of a trend or have things in common. One all four of them are comical in tone. They are funny and make fun of the genres they represent. Two, 3 of them have a teenage heroine(s). Three, they deal with issues and situations that real teen girl deal with. Four they all have great villains and supporting casts.

What I think is that Wonder Woman should follow that trend at least outside of comics. A teen WW could be very successful and gain a new following for her. What do you think?

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I think Carrie would fit that more than Diana.

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I think that an animated show centered around a teenage Wonder Woman can work very well. I know it will make many WW fans upset but being one myself, I wouldn't mind it. But I disagree with the comical tone, the biggest animated action cartoon centered around a female character out now is "Legend of Korra" isn't comical in tone, it has comedic elements but is more of a cartoon-drama. I think that it should have more in common with LoK than Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls.

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since there are at least two female characters named wonder girl, why not use that instead of "twilighting" another franchise

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@youknowwhattodo: I didn't bring up Legend of Korra because it is the sequel of Avatar the Last Airbender. It's success is based on the a male oriented show's following, but I get you.

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My idea for it is that Diana leaves the island as some sort of rite of passage and enters high school as a junior. The first few seasons are her trying to adjust with life in Man's world and with being a teenage girl. She would be classmates with Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and she would have a high school rival. She would live with Julia Kapilis I think was her name. She would some of her normal villians ( Ares, Cheetah, and Veronica Cale) and some ones. Each Season would have a big bad plus a final big big bad at the end like Buffy and Sailor Moon. In later seasons she would gain an Amazon team. Plus other DC characters would show up like Batman, Superman, and Zatanna etc. However in Bats and Supes case they would be normal aged. Zee can be the same age as Diana.

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No, thanks.

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Is there another Powerpuff Girls? The only one I've seen they are in kindergarten not teenagers.

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@feartheliving: When I said 3 of out of the four I was not counting PPG.

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I say turn the WW animated movie into an ongoing series, she's still young (and pretty funny) and you can see her mythos expand more. Plus, that movie was freakin' awesome.

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I think making her teenager is a good idea, then again there was going to be a Gotham High animated series with a teenage Bruce and all of his villains and it didn't work out. Who knows hopefully that move to California will make WB want to do more DC animated series.

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Since Wonder Woman has never really had an animated series of her own I think I'd rather see one more close to the comics, but a show about her going to high school sounds like it would be pretty entertaining. Get Lauren Faust to produce it and I'm on board.

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