Favourite Wonder Woman supporting characters

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There is more to a popularity of a superhero than the powers, the personality or the villains. A good superhero needs a great supporting cast that readers want to see again and again like with batman there's Alfred, commissioner Gordon, detective bullock and many others superman has perry white, jimmy Olsen, Lois lane, Lana lang( not the smallville version) and a lot more etc. so I'm asking this question to fans, who are your favourite supporting characters in the Wonder Woman comics, why do you like them and what you're favourite moments are with those characters? You heard the phrase with every great hero there's a great villain, I'm saying with every great hero there's a great supporting cast.

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Myndi Mayor.

Now with that reference you know I´m a proper Wonder Woman fan. I really think they should bring her back, she was great and very memorable. Unfortunately I need to catch up on my Perez where she was the main character, but she was pretty cool when introduced in Gods And Mortals.

For anyone who doesn´t know she was WW really stereotypical Hollywood style press agent. She was Wonder Woman´s Gordon or Perry White. Great character.

Some others I like are:

1. Artemis (old version, she´s pretty badass)

Artemis is always pretty cool. She´s the kind of hot headed Amazon, who loves a fight but whose loyalty is never shaken. Great character.

2. Queen Hippolyta

Obviously a great mother to WW, but she´s also pretty cool herself. Very badass; she beat Hercules single hand, only using her warrior skills.

2. The Kapitalis family

WW´s adoptive family when she ventures to mans world. They are just a very sweet caring family.

3. And ofcourse Steve Trevor and Etta Candy

No favorite moment as such, they´re just great members of the WW family.

Really cool post. who are your favorite?

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Myndi Mayor did bring an interesting human element to the tittle, greed, something that I think Diana didn't really know how to handle. But I haven't read that much of her but what I have read she's an opportunist only looking out for her own interest and using Wonder Woman to achieve that.

In the current run, I like Lennox. He's the hard-boiled type that likes to get under your skin. I can definetly see James Stathem playing him in a live action roll.

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I am digging all of the supporting characters from the current run of WW.

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