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I am looking for people to share favorite stories or storylines.

I really loved the storyline leading up to the post Crisis #100 issue, specifically around 97-100. Diana had already reinvented herself sans the WW title. The point where she realized her mother's deception to save her by letting Artemis die when Diana asked if Diana was expected to stand and talk while Artemis died... Hippolyta said yes, and Diana noted she had matured to taking more proactive action. Loved it! Plus, Circe saying Diana had been her ONLY friend during her guise as Donna Milton.

I liked the revelation of separate Greek/Roman gods in War of the Gods, and a guilty pleasure was back issues of the original series where WW was briefly a team up book.

Your favorites?

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I loved her first battle with Ares in the Perez run - thought it hit on the core qualities of the character beautifully. Really, most of the Perez run was pretty great (with a few exceptions).

During the Rucka run I really liked her battle with Medusa and the fact that Diana gouged out her own eyes to win the fight - pretty epic.

In the New 52 I thought her engagement to Hades was really great, and the resolution seemed plausible yet surprising.

And I'm always partial to the Golden Age stuff, especially the really early stuff where she's battling to protect the U.S. milk supply or fighting for workers rights at a department store - that kind of stuff.

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i love the perez challenge of the gods arc and the perez arc where cheetah stole the lasso and wonder woman met to other amazon tribu from the human world,the sacrifice arc from ruka,the circle arc from simone.

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I loved the Beauty and the Beasts arc. It was mysterious and eerie.

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