Am I the only one that hates the new Wonder Woman?

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Wonder Woman has so far been my 2nd least favorite new 52 books (right behind Mr. Terrific) But, it seems like people all over are raving about this book. It seems to me like its slow, nonsensical, and a Vertigo idea using Wonder Woman. It really does seem like ANY female character could be the lead character.

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It is a well written comic, in my opinion. That said, I wish she could be seen doing more superheroics, and less meddling with mythological characters. I want to see her in the real world, and real people responding to her actions. So, in that sense, I would have to agree.

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Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

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Yes you are.

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I love it and hate at the same time. One is the amazon rape men.

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Although I can see why people don't like it but I really do. There is another site that will remain nameless that is filled with  a venomous bile of hate for the new Wonder Woman. 

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@RoboShark said:

Yes you are.

amen !

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It's a very mixed bag so far. It's a well-written comic full of good ideas, but I'm still not convinced it's the right choice for Wonder Woman. I do get the feeling that they did try to make changes for the sake of change and fix something that may not have been broken in the first place.

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I like most things like the redesigned Gods, the introduction of a variety of new, vibrant personalities like Strife, most notably. I like that she is a beacon of light and hope in this dark, horror filled environment. BUT I do wish we'd get to see more of WONDER Woman's powers, like in issue 10 she spent the whole time would've been nice to see a punch or two, I mean, she's Wonder Woman. I would've seen Catwoman kick more dead soul butt there in Hades. In the same issue when she was being swallowed by the huge meat Hades, she could've at least punched a hole through his mouth or broken his tooth instead of just letting him swallow her. Some more kickass Wonder and the book would instantly be better.

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Hate the art but love the new story. Admittedly it took some getting use to though.

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Less super, more fantasy. I'm sold.

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You are not alone... I read the first four issues and really tried hard to like it but just didn't. The art was a real let down for me.

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I have spoken — online and in person — to many who agree with me that the art may be nice, but the story is missing. I like my stories not just to have a plot — one that doesn't have large logic holes in it — but also firm, consistent, logical, sympathetic, and layers-deep characterization of the protagonist and/or title character. I just don't see those people giving many comments on the Web.

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I freaking love this new Wonder Woman. I personally find her more interesting and is still the same wonder woman besides the changes ( as evident in the latest issue.) Wonder Woman is the only DC book i am reading and for good reason.

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Have loved the book so far. And really dig Azz' more existential horror take and exploration of her ties to mythology. It's a deftly written (overall) excellently drawn book. Not a lot to dislike objectively. Now if you're a longtime Wondy fan you likely have a set definitive version of Diana and don't like the changes he's introduced to the character/her supporting cast then more power to you. Outside of critical circles it's a pretty polarizing book. If you want traditional super heroics you're not going to get that here. That's cool by me as I'm overall bored with that fare. A criticism I hear a lot about this run his lack of understanding of the character which I totally can't Jive with. My perfect Diana has always been the one featured in the JL/JLU show. There all the great aspects of her are combined, Azz' take on her is definitely resonating with that same energy for me. Her interaction with Hades this issue totally show's that he gets her and what makes her tick. Another major criticism levied against the book is that it feels like Diana's not the lead. And that's a fair one. One counter argument to that is that Azz' shaping the story in the same style as Greek myth where characters are more often than not guided by fate despite their best efforts and ultimately free of personal agency. Overall I'll just say everything isn't for everybody. I find Azz's approach to her more thoughtful and interesting, but I totally get how it's not for certain people. You can always get her doing traditional heroics in Justice League.

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I like Wonder Woman better now than i ever did before.

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CarolStrick! It is great to see a name I recognize here!!!

I loved it outta the gate but then a few months ago (When cliff was on break) I started missing the pre-52 =w= & her feats of wonder, but as of issue 10 I am loving it again! We got a Diana who loves everyone, who kicked ass & who was the main feature of the issue. It was AWESOME!!! I even liked the fill in art this go around! But I agree there needs to me more Wonder in the book & DC needs to resurrect Sensation Comics as a sister title featuring more super-heroic storyline & some of the support cast from the pre-52.

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I like the new WW and her book, but you are not alone. There seems to be a vocal minority(?) that doesn't like the changes made to her mythos and feel like her character isn't being written well. Still, I think this is one of the best WW in a long time.

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@Aiden Cross said:

I like Wonder Woman better now than i ever did before.
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#20 Posted by sethysquare (3965 posts) - - Show Bio

@OutlawRenegade said:

@Aiden Cross said:

I like Wonder Woman better now than i ever did before.
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WW is easily a top ten pick in the new 52 imo. It's good to see Diana get her due, the character has floundered for years and Azz' run is just the shot in the arm she needed.

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Love it!

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#23 Posted by x_29 (2375 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes you are

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It's good but not amazing.

The thing is, there's been so much bad Wonder Woman that a halfway decent plot seems like this revolutionary amazing thing.

I think Azarello has an interesting thing going. The sort of horror aesthetic and the various interpretations of the Greek gods is very cool. I like writers that explore the mythology.

That said, I feel like the most recent comic was the first time we got a meaningful sense of the character.

A lot of it reads like an Else Worlds story. She's seemed to play second fiddle in her own comic, reacting to the machinations of others without establishing her own will and direction.

I also don't like the change in origin. I think making her the illegitimate daughter of Zeus is lame. Zeus' illegitimate children are a dime a dozen. It's been done. Why cling on Hercules' coattails?

The clay origin is much more original and much more comic-y and fun. It sets her up as a superhero, not a Kratos-clone.

On that final point, we've seen her do cool stuff, but we haven't really seen Wonder Woman, the Superheroine yet. That's what bugs. This take doesn't gel with the Justice League.

It's a good story, but not a good Wonder Woman story. I hope that DC doesn't elect to canonize this take.

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#25 Posted by KingofMadCows (349 posts) - - Show Bio

It just seems like a (poor) imitation of Lucifer to me.

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#26 Posted by a88378438 (3527 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree you bro

i also hate new wonder woman,i love pre-52 wonder woman

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@Gambler said:

Hate the art but love the new story. Admittedly it took some getting use to though.

What? It has the best art of any New 52 title.

Also, this is one of the top rated New 52 books.

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Love it

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#29 Posted by Hawk80 (497 posts) - - Show Bio

Disgusting. She is not WW.

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#30 Posted by Malachi_Munroe (3628 posts) - - Show Bio

Hate is a feeling now reserved for the abomination known as Donna Troy.

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#31 Posted by Saint_Sophie (7261 posts) - - Show Bio

She said she loves everyone yet she clearly despised First Born near the end.. Though I did like the intro of the male Amazons haha.

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#32 Posted by moi245 (78 posts) - - Show Bio

still love it

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#33 Posted by SCORPIO_CASSADINE (1902 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't hate her, but she's nowhere near the person she was post Crisis. That Wonder Woman had a firmer foundation, stronger convictions and seemed more powerful and far more intelligent.

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#34 Posted by CSG_CL (3173 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved Azzarello's characterization, and Johns has gotten significantly better. Tomasi and Finch have thus far been a disaster. But the problems I have are about the representation of the Amazons.

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#35 Posted by Muffin_Sangria (844 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Azzarello's take on Wonder Woman's personality is at best inconstant. Sometime she get's these big "Wonder Woman" moments, but most of the time she's either written as a generic badass, or frustratingly naive with the personality of dry toast. I know they have kinda fallen out of style in general, but to me one of the definitive things about a Wonder Woman comic is the first person narration, and without it the character just doesn't work as well. She's a complex character, and to really understand her you have to get inside her head.

I also though over all the story was way to drawn out. Could have either been streamlined down a year, or thrown in some side stories instead of one big "when the hell is this going to end" story.

For the most part all the major changes seemed to be there just to troll older fans. They didn't add anything worthwhile to the story, and in many cases seemed to be for the worst.

Being the daughter of Zeus is crap. Plain and simple being the product of a immaculate lesbian threeway was all around a better more interesting origin then being Zeus's hundred and fiftieth illegitimate child.

Turning Ares into a good guy was a stupid idea. I agree that sometimes in the past Ares has come off as too two dimensional, but this version wasn't any better, and the main villain First Born was more two dimensional then Ares has ever been. Making Ares into a good guy mentor then killing him off as a martyr so that he can never have a turn to villainy is just a detriment to the character. Two better options would be to either make him her mentor so his betrayal would make him a more rich villain, or start them off as arch enemies then seeing them forced to work together under extenuating circumstances. The second one could still work in the martyr story, and would serve to create more inner conflict for Diana when she is forced to become the new God of War.

The Amazons becoming Rape Pirates was the worst thing of all. I'm actually not apposed to the introduction of "manazons", but there where a lot of better ways to do it. Take a note from how the Bana Mighdall were introduced in the New 52 except do it with the Gargareans instead. Maybe add that they were also the army that Hercules lead against the Amazons in ancient time.

Not a change, but I'd like to add again that I thought First Born was a pretty crappy villain. Cassandra, and Apollo were actually really good additions as villains but their potential was wasted. First Born really should have been down graded to more of a minor antagonist to let someone else come in as the main threat. Earlier in the comic I was convinced that the run would end with a full scale war between the Olympians, and New Genesis, and I still think that would have been a much better way for things to go. It would have actually made Diana use her new title as God of War.

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#36 Posted by SodamYat (7908 posts) - - Show Bio

i hated azarellos run. thank god thats over

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#37 Posted by ariesxmasters (4886 posts) - - Show Bio

Annnh Azzarello's run was decent I just couldn't stand the art it looked like a amateur drew it.

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