"Wonder Woman" War of the Gods

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    DC crossover from Late 1991. George Pérez originally conceived the War of the Gods crossover as a tribute for Wonder Woman's 50th anniversary.

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    War of the Gods

    War of the Gods was orchestrated by the sorceress Circe, to destroy reality and re-create it in her own twisted vision. In the name of Hecate the goddess of witchcraft and the source of Circe's power. She teamed up with a host of Wonder Womans enemies to unleash her 'Holy War' just as Queen Hippolyte led a delegation of Amazons from their home, Themyscira to mans world. It would be the first time in 3000 years that any of the Amazons had set foot in the world of man.

    Circe along with Barbara Minerva and Konrad Kaslak a museum curator of unscrupulous morals, collected ancient relics dedicated to the war gods of various pantheons. Mikos, Circe' right hand man had learnt of the Amazons visit to the United States and with the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall framed the Themyscirans for the apparent theft of the valuable artifacts. Dr. Psycho another of Wonder Womans enemies distracted the Amazon Warrior by invading the minds of her closest friends the Kapatelis', and turning them against her. He then turned on the weakened Hermes, who was then bested by his Roman counterpart Mercury. Finally Circe lured the children of Ares, Phobos and Eris to her side - promising them greater power when her War of the Gods ended with her as victor.

    As planned the Egyptian Amazons stole the relevant relics from various cities at the same time as the Themyscirian Amazons began their Tour. But the Banas left countless dead and the police began investigating Wonder Woman and her Amazons, suspecting a connection. In Gotham City, the Cheetah sought out Hippolyte and hired Maxie Zeus to steal the Goblet of Heracles from the Amazon Queen. At the same time, Bana Amazons arrived at the Queens hotel to kidnap her and her Amazons and take them back to Circe. But the Goblet and the Queen vanished. Enraged, the Cheetah took out her frustrations on the remaining Amazons - killing Hellene before fleeing back to Boston. The police arrived and opened fire on the Amazons badly wounding General Phillipus, as Police Commissioner gordon called for a city wide hunt for the fugitive Amazons.

    Meanwhile in South America, Circe assembled the stolen relics at her altar while coercing the roman Gods to battle their greek counterparts. Having last their Mount Olympus when the Greek Gods destroyed there own. Dr Psycho continued to manipulate the minds of Wonder Woman and Hermes, making them battle each other above Boston. After freeing herself from the villains mental powers, Diana handed herself into the police. Across the nation the Banas bombed embassies and public places and framing the Themyscirans as they did it. The UN declared a state of war between itself and the Amazons. Wonder Woman came to the realisation that her enemies were collectively trying to destroy her and her whole nation. At this realisation, Wonder Woman fled the police and having found a couple of Amazon sisters, fled with them back to their island. On Themyscira the Amazons voted to invade America before America brought the war to them and demanded that Diana lead the fight in the absence of her mother, the Queen.

    Just the the newly returned Olympian Gods ushered Diana to New Olympus, where they explained that something had corrupted Olympus spirit and had made it a cosmic prison. Donna Troy had also materialised on Olympus trapped in an energy field that no-one could break through. It was then that the Roman Gods showed themselves and claiming Olympus as theirs. They had with them their champion - Captain Marvel. The gods quickly went to war with each other as did Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel before being teleported off the Mount. Wonder Woman reappeared on earth while Captain Marvel was sent across the galaxy.

    Circe used the God War to make her Hellfire Spell. A spell that would go round the earth and start to destroy it and the fabric of reality itself. The spell also called on the War Gods of various pantheons, each wanting to destroy the reality and remake it in their own image. Egyptian Gods attacked Dr. Fate in New York. The Babylonian god Kingu and the monster Tiamat fought against Aquaman and Power Girl in Atlantis. While Firestorm and Firehawk fought in Africa. Celae, a Thanagarian goddess took possession of Hawkwoman in Chicago and the Justice League battled the Norse Gods in Norway. And Phobos unleashed Quetzalcoatl against Superman, in a hope that the Man of Steel's attention would be taken off Circe and the conflict on New Olympus.

    With Eris, the goddess of Discord's help - Mars the Roman god of War attacked Ares in his own home, Areopagus. And in Central City, Hermes battled his Roman counterpart Mercury until Mercury disappeared. At the same time other mythological figures disappeared - Hercules, Atlas, Zeus and Achilles.

    Fearing the earth would be destroyed by the conflict, earths sorcerers brought Wonder Woman to them, hoping to use her spiritual bond with the earth goddess Gaea, and the terramorph powers of Geo-Force to wrap the earth in a protective spell. Circe had hoped for this, and was going to use her own magics to steal the collected sorcerers powers, and add it into the Hellfire Web. But the witch's former alley Konrad Kaslak, betrayed her, taking one of the relics from the alter, therefore preventing the witch from accessing the powers of the magicians. Gaea was saved and many of the war gods threw off Circe's cloud of deception and departed.

    Wonder Woman then located her missing mother with help from Batman and tracked her back to Egypt and the ruins of Bana-Mighdall. There she found her mother dressed in the armor of Shim'Tar, the Bana Queen. They clashed but Hippolyte was no match for her daughter in strength and was easily defeated and taken home.

    Meanwhile Black Adam and the Suicide Squad invaded Circe's tower as a distraction for the witch as earths sorcerers used Animal Mans powers to nullify the Bestiamorph spell. Transforming the were-creatures into harmless animals. The Squad destroying Circe's tower in the process. Circe, outraged by the disruption to her Holy War, took her anger out on the greatly weakened Hermes, in a fight in Limbo, where he had banished her before, Hermes lost and was killed by the witch. From there, Circe teleported to Themyscira and faced Diana directly. Goading Wonder Woman into anger by showing her Hermes still smoking skeleton. Diana didnt get very far though, as Circe unleashed a spell that began to transform Diana into the clay that she was born from, the clay they were standing on. Wonder Woman was no more! At the same time US fighter planes broke through the islands shields set to bomb it. Even as New Olympus appeared in Earths atmosphere.

    The Amazons, Earths heroes and Heracles stormed New Olympus to save all of creation. In the midst of battle, Circe destroyed Son of Vulcan and drained her one time ally, Eris. While Phobos retreated to parts unknown. Ares, God of War realised that the conflict was fueling Circe's magic and would only end with their destruction at each others hands. he and various other War Gods, asked for there to be an end to the war. While Superman intercepted the fighter planes and saved the Amazons home from being destroyed.

    Harbinger led a newly awakened Hippolyte to the beach to resurrect her daughter while the wizard Shazam wanted to repower Captain Marvel. Using the original spirits of the Shazam spell - safely out of Circe's reach in the bodies of the Metal Men. The spell was recast to give Billy Batson his powers back. While Wonder Woman was reborn in the newly sculpted clay body. Captain Marvel took the fight to Olympus, powered now by the powers of the Gods. The sorcerers of earth teleported Donna Troy and Circe herself into Limbo, where Wonder Woman was waiting for them. Circe, enraged that Diana was alive again, attacked by firing her mystic might at Diana. Her bolts were deflected by the talisman of Harmonia and absorbed into Donna Troys tunic, which was a portal to the original gods, The Titans of Myth. At this, Circe's body began to decay as the Goddess Hecate's soul deserted her and tried to possess Wonder Woman. But catching Hecate's soul in her lasso of truth, Diana bound the goddess as the Titans consumed her soul as Circe's body crmbled to dust.

    With the War of the Gods over, the Greek Olympians gave their Roman counterparts New Olympus while they decided to explore the universe. As they left they lifted the protection that surrounded Themyscira and for the first time in its history the island was visible to the world. The UN cleared the Amazons of Themyscira of any crimes, even as the Amazons mourned their dead.The city of Bana-Mighdall was covered over by the desert and Circe's own island of Aeaea disappeared into the sea.

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