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    Collects Wonder Woman #94-100.

    After Diana fails in her attempt to win the Amazons' challenge to become Wonder Woman, her sister Artemis takes upon the role of Wonder Woman. They both travel back to "man's world". But there is more negativity to this change than expected. Artemis tries to forge a new Wonder Woman persona, but she ends up being spited. People do not like her attitude, violence and most of all, her as the Wonder Woman.

    Diana meanwhile helps the people of Boston wearing a new suit. Artemis gets angry when she is refused admission to the Justice League. Henceforth, whenever she runs into Diana, she openly humiliates her in front of the public.

    An evil man, The White Magician still views Diana as a threat to his position, and thus tries to distract her. He sows the seeds of discord between two of Boston's mafia families. However, this does not deter Artemis, who believes that the White Magician is behind this all. Thus, The White Magician forgets about Diana for a while.

    Artemis meanwhile is approached by a public relations company which promises to change public reaction to her. But Artemis is unaware of the fact that The White Magician has recruited several superhuman foes to bring her down. Artemis fights some of them and her investigations ultimately leads her to a mafia boss, Julianna Sazia. She attacks Sazia, but is almost overpowered by more superhuman enemies, robots and a booby-trapped mansion, before escaping with her life.

    The White Magician learns about all of this and uses the good life forces of the Cheetah and his lover woman, Cassandra Arnold, to transform himself into a super-demon. The women too become monsters in the process.

    Diana goes to visit Julia Kapatelis in a hospital and meets a woman she suspects to be her rival, the sorceress Circe. Her suspicions turn out to be true, and Circe accidentally teleports her to the field of battle. Artemis fights the monsters single-handedly, before Diana arrives to her aid. They are temporarily overpowered by the Magician's minions, Cheetah and Cassandra Arnold. The White Magician utilizes this time to savagely beat up Artemis, leaving her on the brink of death. The demons attack Diana, but suddenly Circe appears and teleports away with them. Artemis gives the gauntlet of Atlas to Diana, pleading to her to end the Magician's life. Diana attacks him with all her rage, and he ultimately is consumed by his own corrupted powers.

    Artemis confesses her guilt to Diana, gives her back her position and honor as Wonder Woman, and dies on her lap.


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