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Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Review

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is an interesting comic that is not for everyone. When the New 52 Wonder Woman series launched, several changes were made to the character and her mythos that were very different from previous iterations. With Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, Greg Rucka begins to address some of these contradictions in Wonder Woman's past.

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The story begins with Wonder Woman narrating how her memory of certain events keeps changing. This leads her to question herself and whether or not what she knows to be fact is true with the lasso of truth. Eventually she realizes that she has been lied to and something is messing with her mind so she leaves to seek answers.

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Mathew Clark does art for the first 2/3 of the comic while Liam Sharp does the remaining pages. Some will feel this change in art min-issue to be a bit jarring but I thought it worked well with the script and showing Diana transition to a new adventure.

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Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 is a comic that is not for everyone. Readers interested in picking up the character for the first time should most likely wait till Wonder Woman #1 and #2 or look elsewhere and some current fans may not like all the changes that are being made. As someone who was displeased with some of the changes made during New 52, I am very interested to see how Rucka handles this story and how he makes sense of these contradictions. I am also very interested in the Year One story that will be told in the first 6 even numbered issues of the upcoming ongoing and how that will factor into the bigger story being told..

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