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What say the feminists about this artwork, I wonder?

Volume 2 is noticeably better than volume 1, despite the "artists"'s attempts to ruin the story, the characters, and the dialogue. The great JMS suffers from some bombastic tendencies early on, but he re-acclimates to proper dialogue soon enough, and we are generally more satisfied than the chaotic inscrutability of volume 1. While this is another in the increasing line of "let's abuse the classical device of 'in medias res'" narrations, JMS proves his trustworthiness quite well by the end. The epilogue is a bit brow-raising, mainly because one gets the impression JMS only learns partway through his attempt at revitalizing Wonder Woman that the Powers That Be are about to relaunch the entire DC Universe anyway, so all of his efforts at revitalizing Wonder Woman is about to be erased by the people that sign his paychecks. While JMS takes this with a generous portion of grace, he also does not hesitate to unveil some justifiable irritation. Despite this, the conclusion and epilogue to Wonder Woman's "odyssey" (though it's more of a Dantean trek than Homeric or Virgilian) is fine work from JMS (again, the artists throughout seem wholly committed to emphasizing the body of Wonder Woman in total antagonism to the ideas JMS is trying to get us to wrestle with and basic human decency). JMS is more overtly anti-divinities in this volume (more understandable, from a perspective of the people who had to pray to Zeus, Aphrodite, and that gang), but that probably won't bother too many of you. We are treated to another JMS usage of "last, best hope" (though that may have been in volume 1), and while the overall theme of the work is unashamedly unoriginal, JMS makes it a worthwhile trip (especially if you can read it once for free and give it back to someone else or the library).

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