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young and modern Diana rocks!

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I wasn't really a reader of wonder woman comics. I saw WW for the first time with this book. It seemed as a new set of stories with the character being revamped. And more importantly this was represented by author Michael J. Straczynski, who happened to become my favorite after reading Superman: Earth One. I really liked his way of writing both as he presents the character freshly and surprisingly includes all the intricate details associated with it. At least with Superman, every significant aspects about him, as any superman fan typically expects, were there.

In the Odyssey, wonder woman's costume is changed significantly and it looks great! I prefer this over the star spangled shorts. There is a perfect fitting dark blue pant with the metallic gold colored belt with eagle. The tiara is thinner with smaller dark red star that puts reader's attention more on the young attractive face of the lady.

Notice the single
Notice the single "W" on each of the bracelets

Bracelets are shorter in length with a cursive single "W" written on each one to give the needed cool "WW" effect when she crosses hands. It also imprints a "W" on the enemy when they get her punches. She also has much smaller "WW" on her chest. The jacket is a cool inclusion that is on and off in different scenes for not any specific reasons.

The personality reflects innocence and impulsiveness and natural anger against injustice and eagerness to find out more about her past, about paradise and her mother. She is represented in true spirit of a wondering (pun not intended) princess with modern look. In one of the panels, she sports a smart phone which I assume is an iPhone by the look of it.

The plot begins with Diana in her new costume with no knowledge of who she really is and has no golden lasso, invisible plane, sword or shield. She also doesn't know flying yet.

She is told by the guardians that eventually her princess will know of everything about herself and her past and will fly one day. She discovers and attains powers and knowledge one by one. She fights thugs and tries her best to talk to her guardians to know more about herself. She has this occasional dream of herself looking more like the modern version that we have commonly seen, fighting with her lasso.

Diana's beautiful smile
Diana's beautiful smile

I really like the scenes where she realizes that she can fly and expresses how she felt about it to Adrasteia. The art showing her smile at this time is very good. There are many artists involved in creating the new wonder woman. Alex Gardner has rendered a fantastic cover and at the end of this book there are some alternate cover arts which are also amazing. There is also Jim Lee's comments on the design and Michael J Straczinski's comments about how the new wonder woman conceptualized and how she was modernized with her time line set to 20 years ago from today. Jim Lee states that it was Joe Straczinski's directive for the bold changes in her looks.

Killing Cernunnus
Killing Cernunnus

Sections I liked:

1. When Diana fights the army in front of the concealed temple where the surviving amazons are hiding. She fights bravely against a large number of armed men deflecting the bullets with her bracelets.

2. When the princess meets them, they highly regard her as "My Lady" and then one of them hands her with the special sword and the shield having her mother's face engraved on it. It seems more rugged, realistic and fitting shield for the princess.

3. She fights the colonel to obtain the golden lasso.

4. The scenes where Oracle explains about paradise and her mother to Diana showing the actual event snapshots of time!

5. Galenthias doesnt like the modern music that Diana plays on her iPhone-looking smart phone.

6. Diana kills Cernunnos, the lord of the hunt, created by THE MORRIGAN, Godess of War.

7. The resurrection of former amazons - TISIPHONE, CHEETAH, ARTEMIS is a very good surprise before the end of this volume. Diana will face, or rather, these three will face Diana in the upcoming volumes probably.

There are many places where it shows clearly how a woman of the like of Diana can be having such strong personality. Just add superpowers to that, and you have the magical Wonder Woman!



This is a good read and for wonder woman fans and women liberators, this is a must read. Although I expected much more from Straczynski after reading the Earth One, I realized that the story of Diana is different and has to be that way to show the raw impulsive Diana in pursuit of finding out who she is, overcoming all the almost-killing hurdles while protecting the surviving and avenge the dead amazons.

Favorite Line:

When the little Diana runs away for few hours from the direlict temple where she was safely hidden by the amazons: "I was probably gone only few hours. But it felt like an odyssey."

I think I am liking Straczynski's writing. I bought myself the new premiere edition of The Fantastic Four Volume 1 written by him. Looking forward to read it soon...

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