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    This Was An Origin

    Linally got around to finishing Wonder WOman Earth One. Honestly, not as bad as I had expected. Grant Morrison came across very condescending during interviews about the book. but the book itself doesn't come of that way (well, not as much). It was an enjoyable read although nothing praise worthy. Let me break it down for you


    The main thing that keeps this book afloat is the dialogue and the art. Characters like Etta Candy were stand outs. I can see what Morrison was going for with this world, and overall I gotta give it props. I do think that in runs like Azzerello, they were depicted as way to primitive.


    I think the book itself was too short to fully enjoy it or to fully flesh out this world of theirs. It feels like only the broad strokes were painted, and while that doesn't make it a bad thing, I would need to see more in the next volume, but I just don't think that's gonna be the case. Overall, just taking a gander at it again, it feels like the pacing is way too quick IMO.


    Thinking back, this is probably one of the Earth One books I enjoyed the least. It's a fun read, but I'm glad I got this on sale.

    Rating- 6/10

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