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    Wonder Woman Annual » Wonder Woman Annual #1 - Who is Wonder Woman? Part 5; Backstory released by DC Comics on November 2007.

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    Finally! Part Five of Who Is Wonder Woman?


    At long last, the climactic, extra-length chapter of "Who is Wonder Woman?", the story that launched the WONDER WOMAN monthly! In this arc's conclusion, the combined forces of Wonder Woman's transformed rogues gallery declare an all-out war on the amazing Amazon, compelling Wonder Woman to mend fences and join forces with Donna Troy and Wonder Girl if she's going to survive to answer the question: "Who is Wonder Woman?"

    And if the return of Allan Heinberg and Terry Dodson isn't enough, there's also an all-new backup by Heinberg and the upcoming art team of ACTION COMICS, Gary Frank and Jonathan Sibal, featuring the secret origins of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, Sarge Steel and Nemesis! All questions will be answered, all secrets revealed!

    Wonder Woman is confronted by her entire rogues gallery, where she finds herself at a disadvantage because their powers have been enhanced by Circe. All of them persuade Wonder Woman to join them as rulers of the new world. She asks how they would run the place any better than it is and they reply that the politicians and corporations are far more dangerous than them.

    Wonder Woman fights back but her enemies overpower her because of their sheer numbers. Just as it seems as if Wonder Woman is about to lose, the rest of Earth's superheroes arrive on the scene and help her out. As they join her, she asks how they managed to find her. She is told that they found a herb which was connected to Circe, so they visited her home of Aeaea.

    Nemesis tells Wonder Woman that she was missed and Donna tells her that she was never comfortable taking her place. Wonder Woman thanks them for helping but she says that this battle with Circe and Hercules is her own fight.

    She flies to the temple and sees Hercules and Circe fighting. As Hercules grabs Circe by the throat, Wonder Woman hurls across the chamber. Hercules manages to trip her and hold her against the floor with a sword to her throat. He offers her a chance to build a new Olympus but Wonder Woman refuses. He says that he will take her by force, just like he did to Hippolyta and Wonder Woman manages to push her off.

    She pins him down with his own sword and threatens him that she is willing to kill him. Circe steps him and says that this is her duty now and she blasts Hercules with her magic, wrapping him in chains. Wonder Woman turns to Circe and says that however righteous her intentions, the witch has caused just as much suffering. However, Circe justifies herself saying that her eternity is her punishment. Diana then realises that they have something in common – that they both want to be human. Circe reminds Diana that she had done that before by stripping Circe of her powers. Circe then asks if Wonder Woman would be human if she had a choice. She replies that she is grateful for such blessings, but she is hardly human being made from clay. She has no idea who she is or what she is. All she knows is that she is alone, but Circe replies, "Which is how most humans feel all the time." The other super heroes approach Circe and adds that Diana has never been alone. Unbeknown to Wonder Woman, she performs one final act of magic on the Amazon Princess.

    A few days later at the Department of Meta Human Affairs, Agent Prince and Nemesis are debriefing Sarge Steel on recent events. Afterwards, they collect the capture rogues' weapons. He hands her the Valkyrie's sword and cuts herself. She stares down in shock. Nemesis tells her that it is only a scratch, but to her, it is something much more.

    Later, she meets up with Donna and shows her her cut hand. Donna asks what happened and Diana tells her that her powers are gone, unless she transforms into Wonder Woman. She does her twirl and instantly heals. Donna asks why Circe would do such a thing. Diana replies that if the witch wanted to kill her, she would've have done that a long time ago. Instead, she believes that Circe had given her a gift. Wonder Girl arrives and says that witches don't leave gifts, but curses, which means that Circe has made it impossible for Diana to Agent Prince. But Diana disagrees and actually thinks that Circe is allowing her to be Diana Prince for the first time. That way, when she transforms into it's not because she has to, but rather choose and want to.

    The both of them fly off to arrange a press conference of Wonder Woman's return, and Diana meets up with Batman on a rooftop. She thanks him for helping her out. He replies, "They love you Diana. They always have. Because that's what you inspire in anyone who's ever met you. That's what makes you more powerful than any of us."


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