Wonder Woman #93

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #93 - Violent Beginnings released by DC Comics on January 1995.

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    The contest is over and Artemis is the new Wonder Woman. She receives The Gauntlet of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes to give her abilities like those of Diana. Diana meanwhile, confronts her mother Hippolyta, about the images shes been seeing. She tells her that she doesn't trust her. Diana asks her if Herakles is her fathers but says she wouldn't believe whatever the answer is.  
    Her first action as Wonder Woman, Artemis breaks up a mob fight between The White Magician and Mrs. Sazia's goons who have been amped to metahuman levels. A large rock creature emerges from the ground but it's crushed by Diana in her new costume before it can really do anything.  
    Julia is in the hospital paralyzed and tells Diana they might cut her insurance. Donna Milton visits with Etta. Donna is having trouble paying her rent so Diana has been paying it for her. A couple guys give Artemis a big apartment with all this fancy equipment. They tell her not to worry about what they get out of it. Artemis speaks at a press conference and states that her first priority will be to end the violence that mars the world society.  
    Wonder Woman visits Micah and finds two thugs beating him for information. They taunt her by saying she is an Amazon and violence is against her nature. They plan to walk right out of there. She tells them they have the wrong idea about her and then beats them both pretty bad. Hawkman flies in afterwards and says he could use her help with some undercover work. She agree but wants to get Micah to a hospital first.  
    Fed up that she can't help all of her friends she agrees to work with him as a P.I. under conditions. Everythign is 50-50 and her friend Donna Milton will be their lawyer are among the conditions. 


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