Wonder Woman #92

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #92 - The Contest Lost...! released by DC Comics on December 1994.

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    The issue opens where #91 left off--Princess Diana is being shot at by and arrow. Because she is not in he position to catch the arrow or reflect it Artemis jumps in from of it and grabs it, saving Wonder Woman's life. Mala says the arrow came from the wooded area but none of the women see anything.

    The story then jumps to Boston, where we see Mrs. Sazia surrounded by mob members threatening to kill her but she gives them an ultimatum and ask if they want to join her team---the majority of the men jump to the idea of having a female boss after seeing her biomechanical contrust, which she stole from S.T.A.R Lab.

    We then return to Themyscria, where we find out the four winners from the battle/war competition--both Princess Diana and Artemis are still in the competition. Artemis is shocked that everyone is cheering for them since they have "been humiliated" by losing but Princess Diana explains that they are a sisterhood and they were only competing for fun. Later that evening Artemis is in the woods yelling at Patrice about shooting the arrow at Wonder Woman.

    The issue then goes on to show a conversation between Phillipus and Hippolyta, discussing the final part of the competition the next day. Hippolyta wants to use areas that ave mystical powers in them so the girls have to deal with more than just the elements of the island. Phillipus finds his to be a poor idea on Hippolyta's part, but since she is queen Phillipus must hold her tongue.

    In the morning they start the competition by swimming into the ocean and then swimming back to shore, once the majority of them have reached the point of turning around a whirlpool opens up sucking them under. Princess Diana sees that Mala is sinking and might not make it but she is out of breath and unable to save her so Artemis does. As she is under the water she has another one of her flashbacks causing her to down.

    While in the flashback as Antiope, she becomes aware of how her mother told Herakles that he could become king if he promised not to be violent. When Antiope is being choked by Herakles, Hippolyta hits him with a vase causing him to be knocked unconscious. Antiope then uses the mask to take the form of Herakles an tells all of his men to leave the island. After this incident Antiope leaves Themysrica because her sister has betrayed her.

    Once Wonder Woman woke from the flashback she finds herself on shore--thanks to Artemis. They continue the race. They then encounter Harpies as the competition furthers--but that's nothing wonder woman can't handle. She is not in third place and does not know how she can catch up to Artemis and Venelia. AS she gets closer she sees that Venelia has been turned into stone....this can only be the work of Medus. Princess Diana knows that she must keep her eyes closed while fighting her so she is not to be turned into stone just like Venelia. After she has concurred Medusa, Princess Diana knows her only competition now is Artemis.

    At the last wing of the race they are just running to the finish like, at the very ed of the issue Diana falls and loses the race...the competition..and her title as Wonder Woman to Artemis.

    Artemis is now the new Wonder Woman.


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    The contest ends as it usually does when there is one – with a new Wonder Woman (this is not really a spoiler, it says so on the cover.)   Hippolyta has chosen to put some added obstacles on the final challenge an obstacle course, involving real mythological creatures.   She knows that Diana will not let her sisters die while Artemis will not be as concerned.   The history of Hippolyta, Antiope and Herakles is revealed at least as well which really (in terms of importance to Wonder Woman’s histo...

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