Wonder Woman #91

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #91 - Immortal Combat! released by DC Comics on November 1994.

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    This issue occurs between issue number zero and 92. Making it part three of the five part series called ''The Contest''. The cover of the graphic novel shows the picture to the left but when you see the first page of the issue the title seems to be "The CONTEST-Part 3: The Last, Great Game."

    The issue opens with Mrs. Sazia sunbathing by the pool talking to Mr. Norocaw about Paulie and that hes out for her and how she handle Wonder Woman if she was to return to Boston. Wonder Woman returns to the Island of Themyscira. She is greeted by Euboea and Mala upon her return and they inform her that her mother, Hippolyta, has held the contest off until she decided to return. Princess Diana is told she must change out of her costume into regular clothes for the competition.

    As the competition is starting they notice they have visitors. It is Artemis and her tribe of amazonian women that live in the outskirts. On first sight of them Hippolyta is outraged and disgusted and does not want them to compete, however Prince Diana feels that since they are all Amazonians it should be taken up with the everyone to see if it is fair. Hippolyta is out voted and everyone is able to compete. The contest starts and everyone is doing well and seeming to get along. At the end of the day there is still tension between the two different tribes of amazonians.

    That evening they are all on the beach telling tales--but still divided by there tribes. Artemis and her group discuss how if one of them was to win everything would change. As everyone is on the beach Princess Diana has another one of her flashbacks (they occur in issue #0; this one ties into what occurred in that issue) and sees everything that occurred between her mother, Herakles, and Antiope. Hours late she wakes up on the beach. When she wakes up she starts questioning everything she has been told and wonders what her mother's true actions were all those years ago.

    The next day the competition continues and Hippolyta does something out of her character, she has the girls compete in a battle against one another (similar to that of capture the flag), they are divided into two teams. As the game comes to an end Princess Diana finds herself being shot at by another arrow but is not in any condition to stop the arrow herself...who will save her?



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