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Living tissue over metal endoskeleton

This golden age idea that it is extremely easy to create lifelike robots is starting to wear thin.  In the modern age, there is not yet anything which can even come close to replicating human movement and habits.  Anyway the first story contains one such robot for what seems like the 100th time in the golden age.  In the second story Wonder Woman is again being fooled by the illusions of Duke Deception.  This also seems like such a recycled plot (it happened the most recently two episodes ago, and before that three episodes ago.)  In the third story Wonder Woman has to battle a tree (yes I realize how lame that sounds) which is growing at an exponential rate and destroying a city.  This leads to outer space and an asteroid where tree people are plotting to take over the earth.  There was nothing original here and in fact it was a pretty substandard issue.  

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