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    A Shot in the Dark

    This issue has many good points, and few (no?) bad ones. The art was amazing, and I relished Cliff Chiang's art as he will not be drawing the next issue. The lore change on Amazonians was not unwelcome to me, because it helped flesh out their culture and back story, making them a bit grittier and a little farther from "generic warrior women" and closer to "human". I know a lot of fans were upset at this lore change, but I enjoyed it.

    Wonder Woman acquired some god-forged weapons, armor and shield, but we don't really get to see them in action in any special way. I'm hoping they'll come into play later on, because although Wonder Woman has many powers, her 'edge' is that very heavily magical arsenal-based.

    She is given a whip to replace her lasso, and it seems to do some huge damage. I'm not quite clear what happens, because she seems to deem it too destructive and trades it back in for her lasso, stating that the lasso's powers of inducing the truth from its bonded to be her real weapon.

    Ending the issue, she's shot by a love bullet that pierces her gauntlet and goes through her chest. This upset me, because it downplays the bracers' durability, but I'm hoping they were normal Amazonian bracers, and she'll later receive her signature ones.

    All in all, I enjoyed the chapter, but I'm finding Zola to be an unlikable, almost unnecessary, character.

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