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Azzarello take it to the next level!


kick ass costume!
kick ass costume!
  • I simply love the sword-and-shield-and-hairs-tied-up-back look that Cliff have brought back starting with the very fist page! The symbols on chest and the arms resemble the golden age style - as Hephaestus states "...I find your choices ARCHAIC."
  • Strangely enough Diana sports a gun in this issue but she doesn't really use it. Again the cover art fails to connect with the plot - although I love the cover art.
  • Hermes and Diana are heading into hell that is setup by Hades just like London. As Hermes states it is clear that he is expecting Diana to come to hell in search of Zola. London illustrated in a one full page is fantastic. Now that's what I call ART!!!

Plot [Spoilers]

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The story continues where the last issue left off. Diana gears up choosing some of the equipment from Hephaestus's den. While Eros and Lennox offer to join her to kick some ass, Diana insists that she go alone in this mission. Strangely enough Hephaestus pulls out the Guns from Eros and hands it to Diana to take them with her. It is something about this gun that is interesting in this issue. Hermes takes Diana to hell and she discovers how and what its made of. There are attacks by the statues that turn into monstrous beings and Wonder Woman is back in action as she chops of their heads in style! They move on into a place where they find Zola. The place is setup just like Zola's farm. Hades appears and there comes a complicated situation that appears just like a simple trade at the end. The ending gives you two blasts of surprises to both reader and Diana herself!!!!!!!!!! - one - something horrifying for Diana to know that the bracelets she wears is not impervious to everything - and two - Hades intends to have Diana as her queen??????? WOW

I can easily give this issue a 5!

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