Wonder Woman #7

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #7 - Rebirth! released by DC Comics on August 1987.

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    On Mount Olympus, Hermes is happy to declare that the threat of Ares is finally over. Zeus is filled with joy and decrees that today is a day of celebration. Zeus tells Athena that her Amazons were up to the task and Athena agrees, saying that their faith in the Amazons have helped them defeat Ares.

    Meanwhile, on Themyscira, Diana undergoes a process of healing. The Amazons lay Diana’s body in the water, though she did not seem to be responding to the healing. It’s more than just a physical wound; it also seems to be spiritual as well. The gods look on to what is happening and Artemis pleads with Zeus to intervene and help them. Pan comments on their island and how it is solely run by women, but his father, Hermes, tells him to contain himself as they women are special people. Zeus decides to let Diana live as Diana’s mother, Hippolyta had been able to level with Heracles, Zeus’ son. Zeus calls on Poseidon, the god of the sea. On the Island of Healing, the skies become grey and stormy and the Amazons watch in awe as Diana’s body is surrounded by froth and bubbles and she sinks slowly to the ocean bed. Poseidon summons Neriedes to give her the gentle touch that will heal all the harm that has been done to her.

    The Amazons watch in anticipation and Hippolyta wonders if something has gone wrong, but Epione implores her that they all must keep their faith in the gods. Suddenly, a shaft of light explodes up from the waters and Diana is reborn once again. Zeus tells Hippolyte that she has served him well, and her daughter's life is a reward for her devotion and faithful service. Epione feels this is a bitter-sweet however, at the joy of Diana’s return but the fore-boding words of Zeus. This has also seemed to concern the goddesses. Artemis tells Athena that she does not trust Zeus and Athena agrees that Pan's roaming eyes had turned Zeus' affectionate eyes to the mighty Amazons. Hera tells them not to worry. Hera admits she did not have faith in the Amazons until Diana's success in Man's World, and her love for Zeus has a tremendous power to cloud her judgment. But she hints that she has decided to act differently because Zeus has betrayed her devotion.

    A few days later, Hippolyta and Diana discuss her return to Man’s World. Hippolyta refuses to allow her to go back, as she almost died doing so. But Diana insists that her work is not done, and that Ares will return soon. Besides, she has made friends and wants to learn what happened to them. Young Vanessa's life is threatened, and Diana believes it is honorable to return and help Vanessa as thanks for what they have done for her. Yet Hippolyte still hesitates to let her return to Man's World without a sign from the gods to help her make that final decision. Suddenly, Athena appears from the clouds and leaves a gift--a pair of winged sandals from Hermes--which will allow Diana to travel from Paradise Island to Man’s World at will. This is a sure sign that the gods want Diana to return to the Man’s World. Hippolyte says that even though she cannot question the gods, and Diana must abide by Hippolyte's restrictions before the Amazon Queen will grant Diana leave to walk amongst men again.

    Meanwhile, at Meredith Military Medical Center in Boston, Vanessa Kapatelis lies dying from old age. Lieutenant Etta Candy and General Hillary watch as the doctors say that they cannot do anything to help her. Etta's explanation about the events is unsatisfactory to General Hillary. Hillary bemoans the missing star-spangled lady; without her as supporting evidence, the amazing defeat of the rogue soldiers at the military base is way too flimsy to be respected by anyone. A Code Red emergency is announced for Vanessa’s surgery room. The guards outside Vanessa's room are lying on the floor unconscious when Etta and Hillary arrive. A doctor tells them not to panic as they step inside. Wonder Woman is applying a salve from Paradise Island. Vanessa’s life signs suddenly start growing stronger. Etta is happy to see Diana, but she tells her the unfortunate death of Michaelis. Diana asks to see Julia. General Hillary immediately orders a car for her.

    At the university, there is a knock on the door. Julia Kapatelis opens the door, expecting to see Etta, but is greeted by a woman wearing a fur coat and smoking a cigarette. She introduces herself as Myndi Mayer, a publicist. She asks if she can see Wonder Woman, making it worthwhile for Julia. The phone rings and Julia answers it. On the other end is Etta, telling her that Vanessa is okay. After Julia hangs up the phone, Myndi tells Julia that she'll pay money to meet Wonder Woman. Julia takes the cigarette from Myndi’s mouth, douses it in a coffee mug, and slams the door behind her. Myndi realizes that if she is going to get on Julia’s good side, she needs to find a way.

    Julia makes her to way to the hospital. Etta greets her and escorts Julia to Vanessa’s room. Julia sees her nearly recovered daughter in bed and smiling. Julia is overjoyed and starts crying. She asks Wonder Woman: How she can ever repay her? Wonder Woman replies that Vanessa’s smile is enough of a repayment. Wonder Woman admits that she has only a limited amount of time before she must return to Themyscira. General Hillary interrupts and says that Vanessa and Diana needs a debriefing. Wonder Woman is confused by the word, debriefing, but Hillary assures her that it is nothing complicated. He just needs some answers why Tolliver’s men went berserk. Vanessa asks Julia why they are picking on Diana. Julia decides there is a way to get the message across to the public before the military completely screws anything up. Julia then steps forward and asks if she can speak with Diana, and tells him that she is certain that she can help Diana out.

    In Boston downtown, Diana is now wearing her tiara, a black blouse and skirt as she and Julia arrive at the Myndi Mayer's publicity office. Diana wonders why she has to wear this clothing, and Julia replies that her star-spangled outfit would look a bit too conspicuous. Diana, Julia, and Myndi meet. Myndi describes the importance of publicity in making the public receptive to something new. To be successful, Diana must be welcomed into America society. First, Myndi suggests a need to change Princess Diana's name. Myndi claims that the Amazonian princess will be confused with “Princess Di” of England. She suggests a simple reversal of word to “Diana Prince.” Diana initially objects, saying that she wants people to know who she is. Myndi replies that the media has already come up with another name for her and that is Wonder Woman. She tells Diana to leave everything to her, and she will become famous. Julia warns that Diana is just not a freak show. "Trust me" replies Myndi, "nothing but class!"

    Some days later, Wonder Woman is a welcome public celebrity, though not everyone is thrilled by this new development. The Joint Chiefs of Staff convene for a special meeting and ask General Hillary for advice on how the military can fix the bad publicity generated from the Ares Assault. Hillary replies that he has sent Steve Trevor and Etta Candy on different assignments to keep them out of the public view with special orders to keep quiet regarding their involvement in the Ares Assault. Elsewhere, Steve is reading a newspaper. He sees the headlines and is glad to read that Diana has obtained the recognition she deserves. He also reads that Colonel Matt Michaelis' widow received the Medal the Honor for the colonel's acts of gallantry beyond the call of duty during the Ares Assault. Trevor also hopes that Diana will force the Top Brass to come clean so that Michaelis will not have died unnecessarily.

    Meanwhile in Nottingham, England, archaeologist Barbara Minerva summons her servant Chuma. He brings in news articles about Wonder Woman. She tells him that Diana is a very fascinating person. Barbara also covets Diana's Lasso of Truth, forged from the Golden Girdle of the Earth-Goddess Gaea. She declares that the Golden Lasso is a prize should be hers. She orders Chuma to prepare the potion, which will transform her into the Cheetah.. She rants that if she cannot buy the Golden Lasso from Wonder Woman, she will be forced to take it from her. Chuma is worried for his mistress. She is becoming more insane by the minute. The best he can do is try to protect her, for he owes her his life. He plucks a leaf from the cursed plant so that the demi-supernatural Cheetah can live once more.


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    Cooling Down 0

     As with any issue immediately after a major story arc, this issue sort of serves as cleanup.   The gods discuss Diana’s heroics and agree that she must be healed.   Diana discusses with her mother the message that Ares left her, and despite her insistence she returns to man’s world with a cure for Vanessa.   This issue also introduces Mindi Mayer.   Mindi served as Diana’s publicist for the first 20 or so issues.   I was never really all that pleased with a hero having their own publicist, but ...

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    Rebirth or Restoration 0

    With the introduction of the second series of Wonder Woman in 1987, George Perez began writing storylines, which retained character names primarily and Wonder Woman’s powers, but steered away from the stories printed in the original series. Perez’s modern storylines were very different from the original series, and many loyal fans who faithfully read the original series wondered what might remain the same and what might be different over the long haul. As each new issue appeared in the second s...

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