kartron's Wonder Woman #7 - Il Gangster Dell'Amore review

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Shocking revelations about the Amazons!!


Firstly it is extremely good to know that Cliff Chiang is back. Phew! I was getting a bit worried since the last 2 issues went down the drain. All my complaints about terrible looks of Diana has been addressed finely in this issue. Wonder Woman looks go back to the first 4 issues that we were really used to and had began loving it... Chiang's pencilling is brilliantly consistent in every damn panel of every damn comic issue!


The story continues where the last issue left off and it really makes sense (finally) out of where the two earlier issues were trying to go. There is introduction of the gun slinging Eros who recognizes Hermes as his uncle! Now it appears that there is a team that is slowly building up while Diana is focused on getting Zola back. Eros takes them to Hephaestus and there is an interesting conversation when the foursome meet him at Mount Etna.

In this issue we get two blasts that connects to the Amazons' past - two secrets of the Amazons that even Diana hadn't known or thought about.

  • The Amazons go on raids for booty and then killing those they had intercourse with!!
  • After nine months if there is a male child, they are drained in the seas unloved. Now that's where Hephaestus comes into the scene trading weapons to those male children to whom he uses to man his forge. Diana misunderstands Hephaestus to be abusing them and that's when the truth is revealed.
  • I can easily go with 4.5 stars for this issue especially for opening up a lot of stuff about the Amazons. It easily makes this a Key Issue!


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