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Why? 28

Why, Azzarello? Why?Again, the execution is great but really? Was it really necessary to make rapists and murderers who would even kill their children out of the Amazons?I get it, it is your interpretation of Greek Mythology but you are working on characters and concepts with history. Sure, thanks to the reboot, you have a clean slate and DC probably gave you carte blanche but it does not mean you should completely disregard 70 years of publication. And again with the mocking when Wonder-Woman b...

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Secrets of the Amazon 5

I'm loving the new 52 version of Wonder Woman, despite everything. No matter what you think about the changes, it's definitely restored my interest in a character that has never really been all that important in over 70 years of continuity. That being said, many people are gonna be unhappy about this issue, and I can't really blame them.The main issue I've seen people complain about in this series so far is that Wonder Woman's origins and people have been changed to one that is much darker and u...

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Barbaric Changes 7

THE GOOD: Cliff Chiang is back on the book and I love it. I love the whole tone he gives the book. The characters all look like they are in the same universe but so different, it's amazing. I really love the new design for Hephaestus. This issue was very good. There is action, character development, and huge revelations. Do not read this unless you've read the issue. We get to see that the amazons are rapist men hating people. They give their male children to Hephaestus in return for weapons. It...

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Diana: Not the Goddess of Logic 14

Sigh. Look, it's better than the Green Lantern banner because I get the point of this one. It's not hyping a movie that didn't need extra hype, and its for a good cause. But it doesn't change the fact that the "We Can Be Heroes" banner is a huge detriment to the covers its on. It seems like a lot of covers this week have had minimal impact from the banner. This one also has similar colors to really soften the blow.... Which.... some pun involving the blow of the hammer on the anvil.Cliff Chiang ...

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In Defense of Amazons 0

If you've read this issue, or if you've read reviews of this issue then you know that about 90% of the negativity from reviewers has been related to the "Secret History of the Amazons?!".The predominant issue most people have this month with Wonder Woman, is that it somehow takes away from the compassion and the nobility of the Amazons to have them do this once or twice a year. I find that interesting. Now, presumably, this might because I am a dude, and I don't understand it from a female persp...

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For Boys 2

In somewhat of a rarity I guess I am one of the last people to get to this issue instead of one of the first, and having done so has let me get some of the hype before actually reading it.  I can say that after reading it though that it is really not deserved.  A lot is going to be made of course of this in terms or the revised (or simply explained for the first time) history of the Amazons.  Diana keeps on getting revelations about her life which open her eyes to what she previously didn't know...

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Forging a New Diana 0

If I was in Diana's shoes, I would not want to call myself an Amazon anymore. Pretty much this story changes not the origin of wonder woman this time, but the origin of the Amazons. Most of have probably heard of the Spartans where if a male infant was born deformed or sickly then child was killed. Well it seems the Amazon's come from a similar way of thinking except that all males are cast away. So apparently what the FemSpartans do now is that they go out and raid ships where they have a big o...

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Shocking revelations about the Amazons!! 0

ArtFirstly it is extremely good to know that Cliff Chiang is back. Phew! I was getting a bit worried since the last 2 issues went down the drain. All my complaints about terrible looks of Diana has been addressed finely in this issue. Wonder Woman looks go back to the first 4 issues that we were really used to and had began loving it... Chiang's pencilling is brilliantly consistent in every damn panel of every damn comic issue!PlotThe story continues where the last issue left off and it really m...

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Forging a new Hero 0

Stories often are written to teach lessons or to pass along generations values, virtues and important facts, or just to amuse people from their common lives. That's the origin of Gods and in the Greek Mithology, since there's a vast pantheon of them teaching about a large amplitude of feelings, from pettiness to rightneouss. Azzarello is really making an impressive run in this Wonder Woman series by (re)introducing Greek Mithology, adapting it's tales and gods to our modern world, also developin...

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Wonder Woman #7 0

Il Gangster Dell'Amore Summary Hermes recruits Eros's help in freeing Zola from Hades. Eros escorts the group to Mount Etna to speak with Hephaestus. Hades sends a lava monster after the group but Wonder Woman cools it off before shattering it with her lasso. Wonder Woman discovers that Hephaestus's workers are not robots. Hephaestus tells Diana that every 33 1/3 years that the Amazons travel to Man's World and has them impregnate them before killing them. When the Amazons give birth they...

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