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Review: Wonder Woman #604 2

The final issue of this storyline is here and a whole bunch of craziness is revealed! Will Wonder Woman come out of this alive?  The Good I really enjoyed the battle scenes within this issue. They were exciting and downright intense. The back story for the main villain in this issue, whose name I did not pick up on after reading it, was pretty cool and was an interesting look into the psyche of a madman. The best part of the issue, however, were the final few pages where there was little to...

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Its mostly action 1

This issue is mostly centered around a fight sequence between Diana and the guy holding her lasso.  His story is told somewhat and Diana's mother makes an unexpected appearance, but mostly this issue is just a big fight sequence with a bit of plot tagged on the end.  As far as fights go though I thought it was handled quite well with decent action and changes of momentum.  The fashioning of the lasso into a noose was clever as well.  Diana also gets her full power back at the end. Other than tha...

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Who is he? 0

The cover shows Wonder Woman about to fight a mysterious being holding the Lasso of truth with unknown intetions. The flames add intensity to the moment. We finally know who's that mysterious being that led the attack on Themyscira and the one who killed Diana's mother. His name's Lucius. He tells his story to Diana and how he became in what he is. Diana uses all her rage to fight her but surprinsingly, Hyppolita, appears from the flames to kill the bing diana is fighting with. In the desert a g...

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