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the sloppiness continued..!!

  • The story continues to look aimless atleast at this point of time.
  • I wont write much here as there is hardly anything going on
  • the cover art continues to be meaningless (just like the last one and in fact some more number of predecessor issues).
  • Surprisingly wonder woman kills one of those unearthly creatures that was trying to reach out to Zola (who were actually following her since issue Wonder Woman #1. This happens in those few pages with absolutely no words but just some actions shown. What a poor way of story telling!
  • I really hate the big text call-outs shown for the dialogues of Posseidon. Make it look like children's book.
  • As RazzaTazz mentions in her review of this issue, if you really read closely you can catch what is being conveyed behind the dialogues. However I feel that the dull flow of story pushes me to ignore those few witty talks between characters here and there.

I really really hope to see better story and art in next issue. I am only going with 2.5 because of the art & story disaster repeated from last issue.

Oh by the way: I love wonder woman. Don't get me wrong by my above critical review :) If you have been reading her previous issues, I do not ask you to stop. I would still say pick it up - for somehow I feel something big is coming up in the next set of issues...

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