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A trip to hell

A story that started so promisingly quickly started to go downhill and now, continuing with this mediocre story, we follow Wonder Woman to the Tartarus Pit in search for the hecatonchires and this issue wastes no time and we jump to Diana standing at the entrance and facing the several mind tricks the Pit uses against her in her quest to save Zeke and Olympus.

Im tired of raising the score for this lackluster story because of its nice art (it is great in this one too), that why this time it only gets 1 star instead of its usual 2 star rating. So what went wrong with this issue? To get started, the quick pace the issue follows allows to advance the story quicker considering there is just 1 issue left to finish this arc, but it also hurts very bad the issue as none of the situations presented gets a decent amount of time to be explored; this pace is the reason the pit couldn't be used in a more effective way, being a place that uses your fears against you it would be cool to see what is Wonder Woman afraid off, but

Another point against is the ineffective use of the Tartarus Pit. Few times we get to see this greek hell that uses your fears against you and is a dungeon full of dangerous monsters, so its a shame that we got nothing on the later and that 2 of the trials Diana faced were the expected what if I fail and Zeke dies, and the cliche Im sad becuase they used to call me clay...boooooring. However I would say that the last illusion with Superman was interting and presented an aspect of Diana that is not seen often, too bad there was no time to reflect about it

Another drawback from the issue was the dialogue, it felt boring, uninspired and repetitive which in turn made me re-read it several times because it was just too hard to concentrate on was what happening because it simple felt unimportant. This deficient dialogues, couped with the drastic mood swings the characters had made them to feel not like themselves

Finally and worst of all was the fact that the story didn't seem to flow naturally; characters appeared out of nowhere and without explanation beacuse they were needed to advance the plot (and not in a good way), the revelation of the bad guy's trap which could have been exciting was resolved in 1 page and by the time you reach the ending you're just relieved the issue is over and the cliffhanger just lacks impact to me because I feel all this story could've been averted if only Diana acted like she was her usual smart and trusty self....or at least used her lasso of truth on that evil looking sorcerer to see if she was telling the truth in the first place

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