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things get greeky with messy art

Art - Especially Diana & London could have been more beautiful!!
Art - Especially Diana & London could have been more beautiful!!

When I turn the first page I get these questions: where did wonder woman go? who is this lady with blue hairs and some long gown? OH MY GOD? IT IS HER!!! what the heck happened to ART??????? then I turn back and see the cover only to find that CLIFF CHIANG IS not the artist anymore from this issue!!!

I just could not accept the art on these pages after having a happy 4 issues of Cliff's art! I took a gulp and continued patiently to see how the story developed. I am an big fan of Wonder Woman, thanks to RazzaTazz and I wont stop reading for whatever's sake.

This is the issue where the ball drops! The story suddenly deviates a bit from what we have been reading so far and I am not yet seeing any BIG connection in there. About first 12 pages of art is total disaster - no not as bad as Frank Miller's dark knight strikes again disaster - but relative to the earlier issues. COME ON.. you are showing LONDON for heaven's sake!! Get the bridge right!!!!! I am not sure of the story or art in this. The cover art has no connection. Wonder woman does not fight posseidon with a trident! Whoever got that concept over there!! However WW looks better from 13th page onwards.

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Zeus is gone and there is lot of discussions and heated conversations and fights on who would possibly claiming the heaven and Hera's reaction on this. I wonder why Diana mentions Hera when Posseidon talks about claiming heaven? Whey would she care anyways? She should be more concerned about getting her mother back as she turned into stone in the last issue. New character Lennox introduced - who surprisingly is revealed to be related to Diana. Hmm now why was he needed?

Not only the lovely greek style art of Cliff Chiang is missing but the intriguing plots and punches have disappeared! Here is the issue that gets it all greeky and messy and I am not very sure where its heading. I only hope this somehow connects to main storyline. This issue is just laying out something for next set of issues.

I can only give this issue a 3 star just for acceptable last few pages of wonder woman art...

P.S..: Phew now that I have let out my rant on this issue, just a relief note -> Cliff Chiang is back with Wonder Woman #8 - Thank GOD for that!!

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